Friday, September 25, 2009

Wallpaper: Yes or No?

Wallpaper has comeback but it's not your grandmother's wallpaper that we're seeing now. It's fresh, modern, and classic and I am on the hunt for the perfect roll.

I've been reading through "Domino, the book of decorating" and I came across an ideal way of resolving my blank dining room wall issue. Framed wall paper! I was married to the idea the minute I saw an example in the book.

Here's the lowdown on the blank dining room wall situation: We have this ginormous wall behind our dining table (lengthwise) and it just cries out for some kind of treatment (shelving, artwork, etc.). The problem is/was, I didn't fall in love with any of the choices that we had thought of...until now. It is definitely getting some fancy schmancy chinoiserie wallpaper, because I think that is exactly what the room needs, some quiet drama.

If you're not thoroughly convinced check out the images below and just try telling me that a part of you doesn't want some kind of wallpaper treatment in your home.

{Photo Credit: de Gournay}

This is exactly what I have in mind for the dining room!

{Photo Credit: de Gournay}

{Photo Credit: de Gournay}

{Photo Credit: de Gournay}

{Photo Credit: de Gournay}

{Photo Credit: Walnut Wallpaper}

{Photo Credit: Walnut Wallpaper}

{Photo Credit: Walnut Wallpaper}

{Photo Credit: Walnut Wallpaper}

{Photo Credit: Woodson & Rummerfield's}

If adding drama to your home is a scary thought, then start out in a smaller room like the powder room. That way it's confined to one area but still makes a statement.

{Photo Credit: Woodson & Rummerfield's}

Make sure to keep the rest of your pieces solid and simple so that it doesn't compete with the wallpaper as seen in this photo.

{Photo Credit: What's Up Magazine}

{Photo Credit: What's Up Magazine}

An otherwise bland wall is now a statement wall with the framed wallpaper.

{Photo Credit: NSR Handcrafts}

The paneling creates the illusion of windows - makes you feel like you are looking out into a garden.

{Photo Credit: Flavor League}

"The strawberries taste like strawberries, and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries." Well, it's not exactly what Willy Wonka had but close enough. Flavor League's got scratch & sniff wallpaper in a Fruit Cocktail Collection consisting of Cherry, Banana, and Tutti Frutti to get your noses all a twitching with joy.

Had to throw this one in the mix since it's so out-there. Would you get scratch & sniff wallpaper?


hungeryjack said...

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