Local Hunts Part V: Necessary Luxuries

Monday, October 05, 2009

This past weekend was packed with Annapolis outings for me. From Oktoberfest in West Annapolis, to enjoying the Capital Steps perform at Rams Head Onstage. It was fun and jam-packed!

But I cannot forget to mention my little stop over at a wonderful shop off Maryland Avenue in downtown Annapolis, called Necessary Luxuries (the website has not made its debut yet but keep it bookmarked, trust me). Somehow I had managed to squeeze in some shopping even with all that we had going on but you know me, I love to shop and will find some way to do it!

It is a gorgeous shop filled with well curated pieces from all over the world. Alex Clymer is the interior designer behind it all. Check out some of the interiors she's designed below! And if you're ever in Annapolis go visit her store, you won't be disappointed.

*Necessary Luxuries is located at 86 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401


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