Local Hunts Part VI: Le Grenier

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I love getting magazines in the mail. There's just something about those glossy pages filled with images of everything that you want and love. I got my Lucky magazine (Nov. 2009 issue) in the mail yesterday and immediately poured over the pages like it was the last glossy I was ever going to get. The thing that I love about Lucky is that they not only cover fashion, but also home goods too.

In their Shopping Report, they mention a Brooklyn antiques store, Le Grenier, owned by Maya Marzolf (a former Producer of fashion photography which is why the photos below are so amazing). Since there is a possibility that I may be going to NYC next month, I bookmarked the page so I wouldn't forget to visit the store if I do end up going. Well, there was no URL in the report, but I Googled the store name and voilĂ ! there happens to be a website.

I had a sneaking suspicion that I would like this store just based off of the description in the magazine but after visiting the website, I really want to check out the store!


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