Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Wish List Part II

wrapped gifts
{Photo Credit: Country Living}

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Full of eating and time with family & friends I hope. That's how mine was spent and it was absolutely wonderful. Of course, because of that it made it near to impossible to get out of bed this morning. The thing that did get me out of bed was online shopping. Well, more like online window-shopping but shopping nonetheless!

I know, I am a total shopaholic but I am proud of it! I find joy in shopping; there is no shame in that. Plus, it's one of the very few things that will get me out of bed. And this morning, I needed it to get me up and out of bed.

Anyways, here are more items I found that I just had to add to the list.

Parisian Tealight for $30.00

These are by far the prettiest tealight holders I've ever seen. I bet they look even better when they're lit.

Beaded bandana runner

There's no price on the website which makes me a little worried cause that can only mean that its pricey but its just so beautiful that I had to put it on the list.

Hot Chocolate Pot
Hot Chocolate Pot for $29.95

I drink hot chocolate ALL the time and have to use the microwave (which I hate using). This would be so much better than the microwave, no?

Letterpress Machine
Letterpress Machine for $149.99

Imagine creating your very own letterpress stationary or business cards or whatever else you might want to create. This kit has everything you need to do just that.

Wallpaper Projects
Wallpaper Projects for $22.95

The crafty kid in me wants this so badly!

Velvet Pouf PillowVelvet Pouf Pillow for $28.00

This color would go so well in our tv room since the walls are a nice robin egg blue.

Gloveables™ Fashion Gloves in Black Polka Dots
Gloveables™ Fashion Gloves in Black Polka Dots for $14.99

My mom's got a pair of these and I cannot tell you how much better they are than those yellow rubber gloves they sell at the grocery store. You don't have to deal with that awful rubber smell with these gloves which is a huge plus.

Lana Velvet PoufLana Velvet Pouf for $89.00

Great to have around when company comes over to provide additional seating.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanksgiving Charlie Brown

I hope that you all are celebrating this wonderful holiday with family and friends and stuffing your faces with all of the delicious foods that were thoughtfully and carefully prepared. As I write this post, I am actually waiting for my potatoes to cook since I am bringing mashed potatoes to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house. Yes, I know it's quite last minute that I am cooking that while writing this post and getting myself ready all at the same time. But we got lazy this morning watching the entire Macy's Thanksgiving Parade so I have no other choice but to scramble to get everything in order before heading out the door.

Sorry, I didn't mean to give you all the run-down of what I'm doing right now but I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who come to this blog to read my ramblings of home decor. I truly enjoy writing about all of the things that I find and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have such wonderful readers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will be back with more goodies this weekend!

Proper Hunt

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bulletin Board: Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald Dining Room Chinoiserie Wallpaper

The minute I saw the photo above in House Beautiful The Home Book, I knew I needed to find out who the designer was. I also knew that I would love everything they had designed and I was right! The chic designer responsible for this fabulous room is Mary McDonald. I immediately Googled her and just adored all of the things she has worked on.

Just like her website says, Mary's style is "a totally fresh 'New Look'...combining European antiques with contemporary lines Mary creates the feeling of 'old world glamour' in her design."

I'm not sure why I waited so long to share this designer with you, especially since one of her designs inspired me to paint our bedroom the same shade as one she had used (photo is below). I'm pretty sure you'll like her designs as much as I do. What's there not to like?

Mary McDonald Designs Modern

Mary McDonald Designs Bathroom Mirrored Vanity

Mary McDonald Asian inspired Bedroom Modern

Mary McDonald Designs

Mary McDonald Pink Foyer table Console

Mary McDonald Living Room Design
This is the image that inspired the new paint color in our bedroom. It is a very, very pale lavender with a hint of gray. I love that it is a subtle, soothing color and a color that you don't see very often in people's homes.

Mary McDonald Blue room Vanity

Mary McDonald Eat-In Kitchen Design Black and White

Mary McDonald Guestroom

Mary McDonald Outdoor Patio Design

Mary McDonald Whimsical Dining Room

Mary McDonald Traditional Dining Room Design

Mary McDonald Whimsical Dining Room
I love that she painted the inside of the built-in cupboard a chartreuse green to really make the white ceramics really stand out.

Mary McDonald Livable Elegance Design

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Wish List 2009

Yup, that's right. I've already started one. You know why? Because it helps the people I love figure out what the heck to get me. I know how hard it can be to find the perfect gifts for the people you love, so why not make it easier for them. And maybe it'll help you find something to give your loved ones too.

Oh, and don't think that the items below are the only things that I want. Oh yes, there's definitely more that I will be listing.

Dining Room Measuring Spoons
Dining Room Measuring Spoons for $24.00.

I've already got 2 measuring spoons from Williams-Sonoma, but I love the antique look these have.

Tsubota Pearl's Stick LighterTsubota Pearl's Stick Lighter for $32.00.

It's like lipstick for your candles.

Geneva Hors D'Oevres
Geneva Hors D'Oevres (set of 6) for $30.00

Growing up, my mom would always cut up fruit and serve it with little forks and now that I am all grown-up I do the same at my house. I think these hors d'oevres forks are great for that as well as other little munchies you might serve.

Moroccan Taj Tea GlassesMoroccan Taj Tea Glasses (set of 6) for $42.00

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. That's all I need to say.

Orange Yuan Lamp
Orange Yuan Lamp for $148.00

I've been eye'ing this for some time now and I think it's about time someone got it for me. Don't you think?

Fringe Alchemy Soap Chinoiserie
Fringe Alchemy Soap for $9.00

The beautiful packaging makes it a great guest bathroom staple.

Clothbound Penguin ClassicsClothbound Penguin Classics

Gorgeous designs by Coralie Bickford-Smith for the Penguin Classics Series. You can also purchase these cloth bound classics here too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Proper Table Setting Part II

As promised, here are some more goodies to help with your Thanksgiving preparations!

April Cornell Reversible Placemats And Napkins
April Cornell Reversible Placemats And Napkins
$24.99 - $34.99

Martha Stewart Collection Whiteware Cake StandsMartha Stewart Collection Whiteware Cake Stands
$14.99 - $29.99

L'Objet Alencon Platinum Dinnerware
L'Objet Alencon Platinum Dinnerware
$60.00 - $394.00

J. Chew Lotus Pavillion Tangerine Dinnerware
J. Chew Lotus Pavillion Tangerine Dinnerware
$60.00 - $390.00

Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Sugar and Creamer
Michael Aram "Botanical Leaf" Sugar & Creamer Set with Tongs for $140.00

Expensive but, beautifully hand-crafted.

Bamboo Serving Set
Bamboo Serving Set for $49.00

Clearly, I can't get enough of the bamboo trend.

Mangrove Serving Set"Mangrove" Serving Set for $130.00

O-M-G...the perfect combination of whimsical simplicity.

Michael Aram ServewareMichael Aram Serveware
{Artichoke Nut Bowl, Artichoke Platter, and Mushroom Snack Dish}
$69.00 - $185.00

So delicate, almost like it was made for fairies to eat out of.

Nate Berkus™ Set of 4 Napkin Rings
Nate Berkus™ Set of 4 Napkin Rings for $59.95

Your napkins will thank you for adorning them with these magnificent statement rings.

{Photo Credit: Martha Stewart}

Easy-peasy to create. Step 1: Buy pears. Step 2: Cut paper to the shape of a leaf. Step 3: Punch hole towards the top of the paper. Step 4: Write your guests' name on the paper. Step 5: Loop string through the hole and tie it around the pear stem. VoilĂ ! You've got yourself a place card that was next to nothing in terms of $$.

Wheat Bundle Place Card Kit for $12.50

For those wanting something a bit more elaborate, this kit and the one below are great options too.

Acorn Place Card Kit for $10.50

So, what do you do after eating one of the biggest meals of the year? You relax, but you can't fall asleep. You gotta drink coffee of course! And these mugs are the perfect mugs to drink out of!

Chintz Cup & Saucer
Chintz Cup & Saucer for $18.00

Coffee Bar Mugs
Coffee Bar Mugs
$8.00 - $10.00

That Latte mug has my name written all over it!

ittala Taika Coffee Cup and Saucer
ittala Taika Coffee Cup and Saucer for $25.90

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Proper Table Setting

{Designer: Martha Angus}

After I had written the last post, I had realized that it might be helpful for you all to know where to find these items that are supposedly going to occupy your Thanksgiving table. I do, however, also realize that you might just have the basics already ... but you know what? It never hurts to window-shop and it certainly never hurts to change things up.

Here are a few table items that I am coveting for my own Thanksgiving table.

Caterer's 12-Piece Dinnerware Set - $39.00 - $49.00

This is great for those of you who will be having a large crowd coming to your house for the holidays. And the durable storage boxes are a big plus.

White Scalloped Serving Bowl for $20.00

Serve fruits such as clementines, pears, grapes, or persimmon in these bowls and you've got an instant centerpiece for your table.

Fleur De Lys Dinnerware - $10.00-$16.00

Fleur De Lys Serving Bowl, Square for $38.00

Into-The-Woods Butter Dish for $28.00

One of the fancier butter dishes I've seen and now need to acquire.

Sur La Table® Porcelain Gravy Boat for $19.95

There should always be a plate underneath the gravy boat or else you'll get gravy everywhere!

Amalfi 5-Piece Amalfi Flatware Set for $114.90

Pricey but so beautiful. Love the detailed embellishments.

Vintage Hotel Flatware - 5 Piece Placesetting
Vintage Hotel Flatware - 5 Piece Placesetting for $79.00

The fact that these pieces are "vintage and found" make them so special and unique.

Olive Wood Five-Piece Flatware Setting for $250.00

Again, pricey but have you ever seen anything like it? It's rustic and warm but elegant all at the same time.

Maxfield Flatware
Maxfield Flatware - $95.00 - $349.00

Love that each piece is slightly different giving it that collected-over-time feel.

water goblet tulip
Water Goblet, Tulip Stemware for $28.00

I think these might be the ones that Ina Garten uses...

Edge Wine Glasses for $11.95

I think Crate and Barrel has some of the best selections of well-priced drinkwares. Here are a few more of my favs from them.

Nora Wine Glasses for $9.95

Viv Wine Glasses for $3.95

These are the ones we've got and they are absolutely wonderful. Although, the Edge Wine Glasses would be great for the holidays...

butternut and warm gray runner
butternut and warm gray runner for $72.00

Toile Au Couleur Tablecloths, Khaki
Toile Au Couleur Tablecloths, Khaki
$95.00 - $115.00

Marseille Tablecloths, Dijon
Marseille Tablecloths, Dijon
$35.00 - $62.00

Aileen Table Runner
Aileen Runner
$119.00 - $154.00

If you've been really good followers of my blog, you'll remember that I did a whole post on Table runners in September, but I had to add the ones above since they are perfect for Thanksgiving.

I'm going to have to stop here since it's starting to get really long. There will be a Part 2 so wait for more Table Setting goodies!

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