Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas!

Meet me in St Louis movie
{A Christmas classic that I watch every year, but didn't get to this time around.}

My apologies for being completely MIA the past few days, but as you all know Christmas was a few days ago and well frankly, it was a whirlwind of activities since last weekend. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. This Christmas has been one of the best I've ever had, and I can only say that it is because of my amazing immediate and extended family. You guys are the best!

I'll have a proper post up as soon as we finish redoing our home office. We scored a great deal on a desk from Craigslist and will be transforming it into a space that is practical and actually fun to be in. I will have more details next time with Before & After photos, so come back soon!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Deck the Halls & Set the Table

Christmas Table setting
{V V Rouleaux}

My dream table.

With only 4 days left before Christmas, I'm sure you're all scrambling with last minute preparations which include rushing to the mall for any gifts that were forgotten, and the grocery store for all of the dinner fixin's that you'll need for the main event. But I bet you're leaving the table setting to the very last minute. Right? I hate to admit it, but I do that too. And I mean really last minute. Like, down-to-the-wire-guests-are-arriving last minute.

Fortunately for me, I don't have to worry about that this year since Steve's mom is hosting Christmas dinner. But, for those of you who do need some ideas or have no idea where to start in terms of decorating your table, I've pulled a few photos that inspired me and will be sure to do the same for you.

Martha Stewart Holiday Table Setting
{Martha Stewart}

Such a simple table setting yet so elegant. This just goes to show that you don't need a lot to make a chic table.

Martha Stewart Holiday Table Setting
{Martha Stewart}

I've been looking for new plates to add to my collection and I think these blue and green ones would be a great addition. Just gotta find them...

Country Living Christmas Table Settings
{Photo Credit: Steven Randazzo, Country Living}

Pinks and Fuchsias to a Holiday table setting is A-Okay with me.

Rebecca Thuss Holiday Table Settings
{Rebecca Thuss}

I love the theatricality of the branches. Adds such simple drama to the table.

Southern Living Christmas Table Settings
{Photo Credit: Laurey W. Glenn}

Understated elegance with a dose of modern elements.

Living Etc Christmas Table Settings
{Living Etc.}

Love, love, love the light fixtures! They're like water droplets suspended in the air.

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Table Settings
{Better Homes and Gardens}

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Table Settings
{Better Homes and Gardens}

The combination of the punchy pinks, reds and lime greens are a great twist on traditional holiday colors.

Christmas Tables Settings Country Living
{Country Living}

Keeping it simple and natural creates a cozy, comfortable setting.

{Delicious Magazine}

Not something I would normally go for, but I like the splashes of color against all of the white.

{Better Homes and Gardens}

{Better Homes and Gardens}

{Better Homes and Gardens}

{Better Homes and Gardens}

A deep indigo blue lends a regal touch to the holidays.

{Better Homes and Gardens}

A playful country feel is created through the use of different textures, patterns, and colors.

{Better Homes and Gardens}

Gotta love all of that color, no?

{Object Bis}

Where can I find that candle holder...

{Southern Living}

With repeated elements, you'll definitely make a statement.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Print Your Own Gift Tags

We've got 1 week left until Christmas (eek!) and all of the gifts are under the tree (amazing!), but I need gift tags! Since we didn't have any, I had to put post-it like stickies on each gift so I would know who's is who. I was going to go buy some gift-tags and of course I completely forgot, but it's okay. Yes, that's right I said it's okay, because I found some great printable ones online!

You don't have to leave your house to go out into the frigid cold to buy gift tags; you can print them from the comfort of your own home. How great is that? Thank goodness for the Internet!

I'm sure there are more out there, but these are the ones I happened to chance upon. Hopefully, your printer is stocked with ink. Speaking of which, I need to check up on mine...

Martha Stewart Printable Gift TagsMartha Stewart Printable Gift Tags

Vol.25 Printable Gift Tagsvol.25 printable gift tags

Paper Crave Printable Gift TagsPaper Crave offers several color combinations:
Red & Blue Gift Tags
Fuchsia & Lime Green Gift Tags

A Fanciful Twist Printable Gift TagsIf you hand-make your gifts, A Fanciful Twist offers these cute printable gift tags that says just that.

Blank Simple Stripes Printable Gift TagsI found these blank ones by randomly googling "printable gift tags" and presto, these blank printable simple stripes gift tags appeared

Camilla Engman Christmas Gift TagsCamilla Engman offers these adorable Christmas Gift Tags.

Lolly Chops Bird Holiday TagsLolly Chops make these great bird holiday tags.

Free People Gift TagsFor those of you who can handle something a bit girlier, check out these gift tags from Free People.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

$25 and Under Holiday Stocking Stuffers

It's funny but somehow as I've gotten older, I've really learned to love stocking stuffers. Not that I never liked them or anything like that. It's just that my family didn't really do stocking stuffers when my brothers and I were growing up. I guess we were out of the loop or something. Not to say that my parents didn't shower us with gifts every year. They just filled the bottom of the tree, bypassing the stockings.

Stocking stuffers are a big part of my husband's family and I am so glad that they partake in this fun tradition. This is probably the first Christmas that I am going to try and get everyone something to fill their stockings up with. I've been searching online for some ideas and I think I've come up with a pretty good list...

Bandages Keep Calm and Carry OnBandages Keep Calm for $8.00

Great looking tin. So much better than the ones regular bandaids come in.

wild rose dissolving paper soap for $8.00

Pink Baroque Cupcake WrappersPink Baroque Cupcake Wrappers
Pack of 12
Blue Polka Dot Cupcake WrappersBlue Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers
Pack of 12
I didn't even know they made cupcake wrappers like this!

Aloha Party Cupcake KitAloha Party Cupcake Kit for $12.95

Letterpress Coaster Set - Yellow FloralLetterpress Coaster Set - Yellow Floral
Set of 8

Holly GoNightly sleep mask
Holly GoNightly sleep mask

Gotta look chic while you sleep, no?

Borrow My PenBorrow My Pen for $7.50

This is hilarious! I saw these at Paper Source and couldn't stop laughing at what's written on these pens.

3-Piece Tree Cookie Cutter Set3-Piece Tree Cookie Cutter Set for $4.95

Tie them together with a pretty ribbon and you've got a cute gift!

Dylan's Candy Bar OrnamentDylan's Candy Bar Ornament for $16.00

Uhh, who doesn't want candy any time??

Recycled bike gear bottle openerRecycled bike gear bottle opener for $25.00

So Fresh and So Preen Preen ScissorsSo Fresh and So Preen Preen Scissors for $5.99

So cute. Need I say more?

Tokyo MatchesTokyo Matches for $4.95

I'm always keeping my eyes out for long matches that come in chic packaging. It's so much nicer than using a lighter, no?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Swag

Send Christmas cards, check. Bake Christmas cookies, check. Find new ways to gift wrap? Judging from all of the images below, I'd say check!

There's nothing like seeing beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree or in stockings that makes you want to open them up ASAP. Or maybe if they're too beautifully wrapped you don't dare try to rip them open. Either way, you notice how much thought someone put into wrapping your gift let alone finding a gift they think you would like.

Gift MonogramGift Monogram
{Use old holiday cards to create monograms for your gifts. See, you don't need much to add a little special something to your gifts.}

Maybe it's because of my passion for design, but I always love it when people just add that extra touch to their gift wrapping. I mean, gift wrap alone is great but what about all of the other gazillion things you can do to embellish it?? Those items should not be forgotten! And don't think that you have to go crazy with adding a ton of things onto an already wrapped gift. Even adding one little thing such as a cool gift tag or using paper tape instead of ribbon will make that extra difference.

Lump of Coal Gift WrappingLump of Coal Gift Wrapping
{I LOVE this idea! So clever and funny!}

Gift Card HoldersGift Card Holders
Forget about putting your gift cards in a regular envelope, dress them up like this and hang them on the Christmas tree!

Cut Flowers BowCut Flowers Bow
{By far my favorite way of gift wrapping b/c they remind me of my favorite flowers, peonies!}

Embossed Gift TagsEmbossed Gift Tags
{I've got all of these embossing tools from my wedding, I should use them to create these cute gift tags.}

Woven Ribbon WrapWoven Ribbon Wrap
{Now, if you're feeling REALLY adventurous then this is for you.}

Don't have time to be creative? Take a look at the items below. They'll definitely be able to help you through your gift-wrapping dilemmas.

Letterpressed Nordic Ski SweaterLetterpressed Nordic Ski Sweater for $2.00

Gift tags are a really cute and inexpensive way to dress up gifts.

Redesigned TagsRedesigned Tags for $6.00

Mini Silhouette Gift TagsMini Silhouette Gift Tags
Set of eight mini gift tags. Each set contains one man, woman, boy, girl, bear, rabbit, dog and cat tag.

Green Zig Zag TagsGreen Zig Zag Tags
3 hang tags per pack

Holiday Stripe Decorative Packing TapeHoliday Stripe Decorative Packing Tape
2” x 27.5 yards

Can't forget about those gifts that need to be shipped!

Bird of Peace Decorative Packing TapeBird of Peace Decorative Packing Tape
2” x 27.5 yards

Black Lace Decorative Packing TapeBlack Lace Decorative Packing Tape
2” x 27.5 yards

Ooh la la~

Pink Twig and Purple Branch Combo Pack
Set of two 2” x 27.5 yard rolls

Lyra Kraft Envelope Wraparound Tape
15 yards, 50 continuous perforated labels per roll

Just cause a gift fits inside an envelope doesn't mean it shouldn't be decorated in some way.

four plaids paper tape set
lime sparkle 5pak paper tape

polka red paper tape
Japanese Masking Tape

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