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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Celerie Kemble Residential Chairs

So, you all know that I'm working on getting our home office up to speed by this weekend. I did a lot of research over the holidays as to how I want it to function and look like and well because Santa didn't send me a winning lottery ticket, I'm still working on furnishing and accessorizing it.

But I did come across another designer that I really admire. Celerie Kemble is the designer I speak of and my research over the holidays was not the first time I had heard her name, but it was the first time I actually decided not to be lazy and look her up. And I'm so glad I did because she is another designer that believes in comfort with beauty in home decorating. Her designs take traditional style with just the right dose of whimsical eclecticism. And the most important aspect of her style (at least in my mind) is that she makes sure her designs are livable, aka comfortable.

That's pretty much my philosophy when it comes to home decorating. It's gotta be comfortable or else what's the point, no?

Celerie Kemble Residential Bedroom
The pops of color are so rich, especially that tufted bench.

Celerie Kemble Residential Office
Such a nice balance between masculinity and femininity.

Celerie Kemble Residential Graphic Wall
The graphic wallpaper makes the room so memorable.

Celerie Kemble Residential Bedroom
A well-appointed, comfy bedroom.

Celerie Kemble Residential Bedroom Tiny Tufts
Who makes this headboard??

Celerie Kemble Residential Kitchen Table

Celerie Kemble Residential Hall Entry Foyer
Black and white floors are so classy and clean. Gotta do that for the next house.

Celerie Kemble Residential Dining Room Drapes

Celerie Kemble Residential Yellow Chair Living Room
The poster on the left gives the room a bit of irreverence, don't you think?

Celerie Kemble Residential Living Room Curvy Couch

Celerie Kemble Residential Guest Room

Celerie Kemble Residential Bright Wall

Celerie Kemble Residential Palm Beach Bedroom
With all of this frigid cold weather, I would love to be here instead.

Celerie Kemble Residential Green Room

Celerie Kemble Residential Entry Foyer

Celerie Kemble Residential Library Study
So cozy which is exactly what you want from your Library.

{Photos from Kemble Interiors}


  1. I love every room. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!~

  3. Followed you here from (oh, hello friend)'s blog! I love the rooms you posted, but my favorite is the last one. As much as I love airy, white rooms and dramatic furniture, I like my home to be comfortable. I don't want to feel like I'm living in a museum. The last room (library) you posted looks like a room I can flop around in (I do flop on occasion), reading books, entertaining friends, and generally living in comfortably...

  4. amazing chairs in the first photo

  5. i love every chair i see! I have a thing for club chairs and low to the ground chairs (though my hubby doesn't) and all of these seem to comfy yet classy and beautiful!

    i really enjoy your blog as a would-like-to-be-decorater

  6. Linz - I'm so glad you came to read this post! And I completely agree with you on the whole comfort issue. As long as a room is easy to relax in, I am happy to be in it :)

    DallasShaw - I couldn't agree more! I love the deep, velvety green fabric and the silhouette is so chic.

    tessica - Thank you so much! I would love to become a decorator. Maybe one day soon but I still have a lot to learn :)


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