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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How I went to Charlottesville, Virginia to visit Monticello, President Jefferson's estate? Welllll, randomly enough I was flipping through the newest issue of Elle Decor, and what do I see?? Jefferson's dining room redone so that it is now a shockingly bright chrome-yellow. I know that in the previous post on Monticello I had said that we weren't allowed to take photos inside; well, I am so glad that they redid Monticello not just so that I can share these photos with you, but because it's a pretty darn good redo of the dining room.

Jefferson was ahead of his time, not just in politics but in cultural trends, and at one point the dining room was painted yellow, specifically in 1815, only 6 years after the color was invented in France. Told you he was ahead of his time.

Here's a 'Before' shot of the dining room:

More 'After' shots:

One of my favorite designers, Charlotte Moss, designed the table setting.

Now, it's much brighter and really feels like the sunlight fills up the room, whereas before it didn't even look like sunlight came through. Oh, if I only had a house with window panes that were black, I would totally paint a room in this chrome-yellow. Wouldn't you?

{Photo Credits: Elle Decor}


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