Monday, August 30, 2010

The Paris of North America

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac - this is where we're staying!

Is it just me or did summer fly by? Everyday was like the same day to me, well except for the weekends. But seriously, I had a hard time keeping track of the days since they were going by so fast. And I imagine that for some people that's a good thing (e.g., parents wanting their kids to go back to school). And for others, not so much (e.g., the teachers and professors who also have to go back to school).

With the days flying by, I didn't realize how fast our trip to Quebec City would get here. Yes! We are going to Quebec City and if I failed to mention that to you all earlier, it must've been because I just put it aside thinking it was too far away to mention. But the time is here and I am uber excited! We leave Thursday night and it cannot get here sooner. Stephen and I have always wanted to go ever since we heard that it is the Paris of North America, and since we have yet to go on our honeymoon to Paris, this will do us just fine until next year when we really do go to Paris.

Just to whet my appetite for what I'll see there (I've never been), I've just gathered a few images of Quebec City that I thought were stunning.







Friday, August 27, 2010

For Sale: Vintage Golden Grapefruit Breakfast Bowls (Set of 4)

Vintage Golden Grapefruit Breakfast Bowls

Brighten your mornings with these Vintage Golden Grapefruit Breakfast Bowls! Use them for eating grapefruit or cereal or anything else for breakfast!

- Dimensions: 2 1/4" Tall
- Diameter of the top: 4 3/4"
- Each bowl weighs 7oz.
- In great condition.

You can purchase this at Shop Proper Hunt, my new Etsy store! Thanks!

For Sale: Vintage Gold Bamboo Steak Knives

Vintage Gold Bamboo Steak Knives

I've never seen anything like these Vintage Gold Bamboo Steak Knives before. I almost don't want to part with them since they are so unique. They are very substantial weighing individually at 3 ounces, and has a rich, substantial feel to it. Only the handle is gold plated and in a bamboo-style which will easily fit almost any setting or decor.

- Dimensions of box: 6"W x 9"L
- Knives are 8.5" in Length
- Knives are individually wrapped in plastic.
- Weight of the whole box with knives: 2lbs 1.7oz.
- In excellent condition.

You can purchase this at Shop Proper Hunt, my new Etsy store! Thanks!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paint Is All You Need


They say that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, well if I had seen this bathroom (image below), I definitely would've been quite apprehensive about purchasing the house. This is all based on just seeing the bathroom. Maybe if the rest of the house was perfect, then I would've dismissed the 1970s-ness of the bathroom. But anyways, what I'm trying to say is the bathroom looks like a really daunting task to have to fix up. Right?



The homeowners were clever though. See, I would've seen this bathroom and said, "oh we HAVE to gut this" but nope, that's not what they said. They realized right away that the tiles and wood paneling didn't really mesh well together, so they decided to paint on top of the wood paneling. They chose a color to bring out the gray tones in the tiles, and voilĂ ! A fabulous looking bathroom. And all it took was some paint. Okay plus a new sink and new fixtures, but no structural changes and somehow this country bathroom still looks super chic.

The pedestal sink was only $75 at an antiques shop. What a find!



{Photo Credit: Country Living}

Check Out Ballard Designs in The Post!


Thanks LWs for the heads up!

How funny is it that after I told you all about Ballard Designs in my post from last week, they get featured in The Washington Post? Clearly, Ballard Designs is really standing out against other home furnishing retailers. Go check them out. I'm telling ya, you'll like what you see.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Local Hunts: Go Vintage!

Love that sign. Seriously, go vintage!

This past weekend, I ended up going to the Tag Sale at Chartreuse & Co. and had such a wonderful time there. I didn't end up getting anything for myself, but what I did get was a bunch of great photos of the place to share with you all. I'm really trying to entice you to go there, aren't I? I shouldn't have to do much after you've taken a look at what's below, promise.

If you go, don't hesitate to strike up a conversation with any of the shop owners there. They have wonderful tidbits on how to showcase their items in your home. I had the lovely opportunity of meeting Virginia Crum, the owner of Chartreuse & Co, and sharing with her how much I adore her store. Actually, I think I rather babbled on and on about it...

I also got to meet up with another shop owner, Sue Brenner Schmitz of The Treasured Hunt and Robin Spires of Flea Market Chicks. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet Kelly Tyree of Madison & Mabel, but I promise Kelly, I will meet you at one of these Tag Sales soon!

Okay, enough of me babbling on, check out the photos of all of the wonderful things you are missing out on if you have yet to go to their Tag Sales.

The main barn where many stylish vignettes await you.





























Sunday, August 22, 2010

HGTV Design Star Finale Tonight!

Emily Henderson Glass Room Challenge
Emily Henderson's Glass House

Tonight at 10pm, is the finale episode of HGTV's Design Star and I am really wondering who will be taking the title. To me, the final two contestants have such different styles (both have great style) that it would be impossible to have to pick just one. Emily Henderson's show concept is to take a client's personal fashion style and translate it into his or her home environment. Michael Moeller's show concept is to help recent college graduates with creating their own living space. But obviously, this is a competition and someone has to win. They're not only judged on their design skills, but also their camera hosting skills as well. Adding that into the mix just makes it even harder to pick who you think will win.

It's really funny because when this season first started, I had pegged these two to go far in the competition, and watching the entire season I am so happy that they've made it to the finale. I've really enjoyed watching Emily because her eclectic and whimsical style is something that I admire and strive for in my own home decorating. And Michael's thought process on how to make things functional and stylish has really caught my eye. He too, can be whimsical but in a more masculine way, which I try to keep in mind since my husband doesn't want everything to be too frou frou in the house.

If you haven't seen the show, here are some photos from their design challenges throughout the entire season. Who do you think will take home the title of HGTV's Next Design Star?

Emily Henderson Flower Power Challenge
Emily Henderson's Flower Power Challenge

Emily Henderson Kitchen Challenge
Emily Henderson's Kitchen Challenge

Emily Henderson Outdoor NYC Space Challenge
Emily Henderson's NYC Patio Space Challenge

Michael Moeller Glass Room Challenge
Michael Moeller's Glass House Challenge

Michael Moeller Kitchen Challenge
Michael Moeller's Kitchen Challenge

Michael Moeller Flower Power Challenge
Michael Moeller's Flower Power Challenge

Michael Moeller Outdoor NYC Space Challenge
Michael Moeller's NYC Patio Space Challenge

{Photos from HGTV}

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