Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bulletin Board: Sara Gilbane

Sara Gilbane Living Room 2

You all know me. I LOVE a designer who combines the classic with the modern and fun. And guess what? Sara Gilbane is another designer who does it just the way I like. She works with another favorite designer of mine, Celerie Kemble, and they clearly share a similar sense of style.

She's got a controlled hand when it comes to adding color to a space and it really shows. All of the rooms below have just the right amount of color and pattern which makes it so pleasing to look at. And more than just looking at it, you can really see yourself living there and enjoying the space she has created. It's all very livable, yet eclectic. I'm definitely taking away some ideas from the photos below.

Sara Gilbane 2nd bdrm

Sara Gilbane 2nd bdrm
If I had another guest room, I would make sure to put a canopy above the bed like this one.

Sara Gilbane nursery

Sara Gilbane dining room

Sara Gilbane Bookcase Desk

Sara Gilbane pantry

Sara Gilbane Dresser Top

Sara Gilbane kitchen

Sara Gilbane bathroom

Sara Gilbane pink bdrm

Sara Gilbane master

Sara Gilbane Living Room

Sara Gilbane 14 east 4th library

Sara Gilbane entry

{Photo Credit: Sara Gilbane}

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maybe A Hint Of Color Is More Your Thing

Neutral with a pop of color

With all of the colors I've been throwing at you guys, I thought I would take it down a notch and give you guys a rest with the bombardment of colors. If you're more into neutrals but still get that craving for a little pop of color, then this room is right up your alley. It's understated and cool style is made up of a traditional layout but the rich, jewel toned accessories create a modern atmosphere.

{Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nanette Lepore Is One Cool Mom

nanette lepore's house - full size daybed in kid's room
Nanette Lepore's kid's room.

Just because I'm married doesn't mean kids are in the immediate future, but that's not to say that the thought hasn't crossed my mind. In fact, in the past few weeks I've been feeling some baby fever. I really don't know why, well actually probably cause I keep seeing really cute babies everywhere I go. Don't worry, there are no babies in our immediate future. I can say that with confidence (thanks girls for bringing me back to reality!). BUT when we do have kids, I can't wait to decorate their rooms! And although the room above is for an older kid, I am just excited with the idea of decorating their rooms at any age.

I gotta say, I'm pretty jealous of Nanette Lepore's kids. Not cause I want my own kids to have this room (I mean, I do!), but because I would love to have this colorful and polished room as our own bedroom. Gotta love the upholstered daybed in that cheery burnt orange and with such fun bedding & pillows! And can't forget mentioning the pagoda-like display case too.

* Nanette Lepore is one of my favorite clothing designers.

{Photo Credit: ooh_food's photostream}

Monday, September 27, 2010

Just A Lazy Monday

domino love

All I want to do today is curl up on the couch and watch girlie movies all day long with my girls. And the room above is exactly the kind of place I want to do that in. I could totally sink into that couch and snuggle under that comfy-looking throw, eating ginger scones (good call A!) with some chai tea. Sounds good, no?

It's a totally lazy Monday for me, reason being I had a wonderfully, fun-filled weekend with my girls. There are four of us in this group, 2 living in DC, 1 in Atlanta, and me in Annapolis. We met when we were all living in DC and have been inseparable ever since we had our first girl's night 4 years ago. I should mention that one of the girls (LWs) and I have known each other since we were 5yrs. old! Pretty amazing, right? Well, Alicia who lives in Atlanta now, came to visit so we could celebrate her birthday together and we just had a fabulous time. I'm hoping that we convinced her to move back to DC. Did we A? Happy Birthday darling!!! Miss you already~

{Photo Credit: cocokelley}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Punchy Living Room

Playful color: Modern 'Bali' print + bold pillows, from Domino magazine

Have you guys ever been bold enough to have this much color in one space? I'm working on it, it's slow going for sure but it's definitely something I'm working towards. Like, maybe one day I'll have a room with the same gorgeous deep blue like this one. Or use colorful, fun prints on furniture just as the sofa above. I do have to say though that I love to add colorful flowers in my rooms. Flowers really do add that bit of color that a room might need. Just like the room above, if it didn't have that pop of pink in there, it would just be too many blues and greens.

I actually just purchased a settee, a very worn-out settee, that needs a new upholstery job, and have been thinking of the kinds of fabric I would want to re-upholster it in. A fun, fresh print would be something I would want to try out. The problem with me is that I like all sorts of colors and fabrics so it's hard to pick just one. Hopefully, I'll pick one out soon cause I really want to use the settee asap.

{Photo Credit: xJavierx Photostream}

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Vibrant Tablescape

Heirloom Linens Table Setting

Literally, everything in this photo, I am in love with. From the mix & match china to the Dragon Linens, the scalloped edge place mats, and the gorgeously delicate silverware. I'm ga-ga for it all!

I've never been one to like traditional fine china, I find that it lacks color. Not that traditional fine china isn't beautiful in it's own right, it's just that I tend to favor those with some splashes of color. Hmm, I sense a blog post potential here...

{Photo Credit: Southern Living}

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bulletin Board: Massucco Warner Miller

Everything about this room is absolute perfection to me. Totally love the office nook.

The women of Massucco Warner Miller (Julie Massucco, Melissa Warner, & Carrie Miller) really know how to design dream spaces. Or at least my kind of dream spaces. Each room on their website gets me drooling, wishing that I could be as genius as them to create such spaces as the ones they've created.

Before you scroll through the images I've picked out, I should warn you that all you'll see are spaces that are completely fresh yet modern , traditional but with a punch of color/pattern, and all with the slightest softness so that nothing is cold or unfamiliar. The only way I can think to describe their rooms are they have fun with it yet still make it practical and livable - all the traits of a room that I aspire to create myself. Okay I'm done with my spiel, now you can go ahead and drool too.

Happy Friday!

Need to find out where I can get the wallpaper so I can put it in our bedroom.

I would feel so inspired and get more done in this office.



Punchy wallpaper and shower curtain is all you need to create a fun guest bathroom.








Please, please, please can I have a dressing room like this??

I swear, one day we'll have wallpaper like that on that large, blank dining room wall of ours.

{Photo Credit: Massucco Warner Miller}

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The French Pillow Craze

Burlap French Document Crown Pillow for $85.

Have you noticed that almost every store has jumped on the French-inspired pillow bandwagon? And I am SO glad they have cause I really, really like these kinds of pillows. Plus, you can find them in all different price points which is just fabulous for those of us, like me, who can't afford $100+ pillows. If it helps at all, you only need one or two at most since they don't offer too much color. Unless you want all of your pillows to be made of burlap or grain sacks. But mix one of these pillows with some solid color pillows and it'll all balance out.

It's pretty funny when you think about it. I mean, the fabrics used in these pillows are fashioned after French vintage grain sacks (and some do use real vintage grain sacks) but they are now the 'in' thing to have. What I mean to say is that what is trendy now came from modest beginnings.

Below are some affordable French-inspired pillows and some not-so-affordable (to me at least) pillows. I'm sure one of these will catch your eye since there's a wide range in price as well as design.

Vintage French Linen Pillow Covers from $28 - $32.

French Grain Sack Square Classic Stripe Pillow Cover for $52.

All Three French Square Pillows for $115.

French Grain Sack Pillow for $12.

French Laundry Pillows from $95 - $160.

Le Poeme Pillow with Insert for $44.

Antwerp Belgium Ephemera Printed Pillow with Insert for $22.99.

Authentic Antique Grain Sack Pillow Slip for $45.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For Sale: Vintage Brass Royal Crown Letter Holder


If you want to dress up your foyer table or desk, then this Vintage Brass Royal Crown Letter Holder is exactly what you've been looking for! It's small but substantial so it won't take up too much space wherever you place it. It could be used to hold letters, business cards, or bills. Just add it to your space and it'll be sure to add some French chicness!

- Approx. size: 2.5"L x 1"W
- It is in excellent condition.

You can purchase this at Shop Proper Hunt, my new Etsy store! Thanks!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Au Revoir Quebec City! Part II

A shot of Lower Town on the L'Escalier du Casse-Cou.

I've been on a big flea market kick lately and I was super excited about the thought of checking out Quebec City's flea markets. But, I guess it's no surprise to you that I didn't make it to any flea markets out there. I'm just going to blame it on my lack of research on the matter, but even though I didn't get to check out flea markets there, I did enjoy the other avenues of shopping that were offered. Lower Town is filled with kitchen ware shops, art galleries, gift shops, and Antiques Row. Upper Town had the Rue du Trésor (the street where local artists sell their art), épiceries, and retail stores so all in all we had plenty of shopping opportunities. Antiques Row was a bit pricey but it was such fun to window shop and pretend. And the Rue du Trésor is a great place to pick up a chic souvenir that you'll actually use - we plan on framing the artwork we got there.

Site seeing and shopping were the main activities to do there, but we were there to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary so we didn't get too hung up on making sure we got to every single tourist attraction. Our mantra was, "if we get there, we get there." Don't get me wrong, we loved all of the touristy things we did, but just to be in the city and walk around was heaven for us. And that's how I'm going to end describing our trip there - absolute heaven. A great way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, no?

Rue du Trésor is a great place to pick up some local artwork - filled with goodies I tell ya.

Gosh my hair looks bad. Anywho, we got some nice prints at one of the art galleries in Lower Town which is in the tube.

I couldn't help myself but to go to Simons, the only department store in the city. Glad I did, found a really cute purple handbag!

Antiques Row is a great place to shop but be prepared to spend some dough, it ain't cheap there. Bolduc's was a great shop filled with really unique antiques.

Le Rendez-vous du Collectionneur was a fabulously filled shop where my eyes just had a feast.

I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Le Rendez-vous du Collectionneur, Gervais Tremblay (far left in photo).

I have no idea why we didn't go into this store, but the store-front was worth taking a photo of. It's just a really pretty store-front.

Even though I don't know anything about this hotel, I just loved their window-front. The suitcase trunks and hat boxes were just really inspiring.

On our last night, we ate at Un Thé Au Sahara, a wonderfully yummy Moroccan restaurant. This might be bold to say but my meal was the best meal I've ever had. I had the Chicken and Prune Tagine if you're wondering.

No better way to celebrate our wedding anniversary than with my favorite bubbly!

To view more photos from our trip, check out my Flickr site!

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