Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Elegant But Somewhat Mysterious Halloween

Sticky Teaspoons for $128.00 (set of 4)

For those of you who want to dress up the table for Halloween but don't want anything too scary or garish, these items might be just the thing for you. They have just the slightest hint of mystery to them, but are quite elegant in their own way.

Halloween Etched Recipe Cocktail Shaker on sale for $15.00!

Wood-Slices Organic Dinnerware

Midnight Black Glassware Collection at $25.49

Utensil-Go-'Round Spinner for $28.00

Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray for $9.95

White Pumpkin Candles for $29.00
(Only the large is available)

Faux Croc Placemats with Silver Studs Set of 4 for $79.80

Not Your Standard Baby Nursery

Want to get your hands on that wallpaper giraffe?

Now now, don't start thinking that I'm pregnant just because I'm doing a post on nurseries. I've got quite a few friends who are either pregnant right now or have just given birth and I thought I owed it to them to do a nursery post. I highly doubt that any of these friends need any inspiration on creating their baby's sanctuary, but I figured you can never have enough inspiration, right?

I'm so glad that we live in a time when parents-to-be don't have to strictly adhere to the blue-for-boys/pink-for-girls color scheme in a nursery. It's SO restricting. And there are SO many colors to choose from. That's not to say that I don't like pink and blue. I just think that with lavender, aquamarine, mustard yellow, fuchsia, and apple green, why limit yourself to the standard blue and pink? Of course, if that's what you like then by all means, don't let me rain on your parade.

I know there's probably a lot more fashionable nurseries out there, but the ones below are just the handful that I was able to stumble upon for now. There might be more in the near future...

Perfectly polished and smart.

How grown-up is this room? Can I have it? Love the piping on the armchair.

How cheery are the stripes on the ceiling?

The rug and the pendant lamp makes the room for me.

Yes, it's blue but so playful and airy.

Totally LOVE this nursery. Especially the paper mached zebra head.


Could we have expected anything less from Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J.Crew?


White might not be the safest of colors when it comes to babies, but how tranquil does this room look?

{Photo Credit from top to bottom: NessaLee Baby, Tot Snob, Moms Like Me, Nursery Notations, Wee Decor, Houses, Couches, & Babies, Kristen F. David Designs, Project Nursery, A List Baby, A List Baby, and Oh Dee Doh. }

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Almond Brownie Coffins Recipe

Almond Brownie Coffins Recipe

Courtesy of Martha Stewart of course. If you're having a Halloween party or just like to bake than you must try this recipe out. Not only does it sound yummy, but look how lovely these almond brownie coffins look. Strange to say that a coffin looks lovely but I gotta say that the fleur-de-lis and the dotted border really make it quite sweet, no?

Usually, I don't share recipes since this isn't exactly a Foodie blog, but these coffins I thought were just too cool not to share. And plus, I feel that holidays are when you can get away with the unexpected. Maybe I'll share more Halloween recipes. Of course, they'd all be on the basis of visual aesthetic. What do you guys think about that?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Indoors

Spiderweb Tablecloth with Pom-Pom Spiders

What a busy week and a half it's been! My day job has been keeping me busy, busy to the point where I can't go near the computer after hours. Sad, no? And with a busy week, I had a busy weekend too. That's not to say that it wasn't a fun weekend. I went on a last minute trip to NYC and boy, was it fun! I stayed with one of my best friends (who was there to promote the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer) and meeting up with another one of my best friends who also happened to be up there on that same weekend. The entire trip was devoted to retail therapy and hanging out with great friends, so very little time to think about Halloween or anything else for that matter.

Which brings us to this week. I am still a bit busy at work, but that's not going to stop me from sharing with you some great Halloween decorating tips for your upcoming party or just to decorate the house to get you in the mood. Below all of the images are links to instructions on the how-tos of the shown craft. Which how-to are you going to try out??

Bat Mobile How-To

Pumpkin Party Cooler

Cocktail Clip-Art Labels

Paper Mice Halloween Decorations

Scary Specimens

Crepe-Paper Curtains

Homespun Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkin Balloons

Halloween Party Spread with Tattered Tablecloth and Spiderwebs

Black Cat Silhouettes

Staircase Silhouette Halloween Decorations

Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Outdoors


Are you in the Halloween spirit yet? I am definitely ready for Halloween this year and although we aren't throwing a party for the occasion, I am just excited for the decorations, costumes, and most importantly, the candy!

Pots for the mums were purchased yesterday, along with pumpkins for the front & back porch and the dining table (still trying to figure out my table-scape). With September having gone in a flash, I am really trying to enjoy October to the fullest and decorating the house with seasonal items has really put me in the mood.







Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crafty Curtains for Halloween

martha stewart spooky paper curtains

Isn't this genius?? So simple, yet so striking. Seeing as how we still have yet to get window treatments for the living room, this might be a great way to add some interest in the room and celebrate Halloween all at the same time.

Don't worry, I'll be adding more images and ideas to help with any Halloween decorating dilemma you may have, I just had to share this one right quick since it's so darn crafty.

Here's a link to the template. Let me know if you decide to use this template to decorate your house!
{Photo Credit: Martha Stewart}

Friday, October 8, 2010

If These Walls Could Talk...

Then maybe they'd share with me how this eclectic composition was put together. I'm still trying to learn how to create arrangements like this on the wall, but I gotta tell ya, it's not easy. Maybe if I kept looking at images like this, I'll become de-sensitized and will have the courage to create one one of these days.

wall art

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where the Magic Happens, the Bedroom Of Course!

summer thornton blue velvet tufted nailhead headboard bird silver wallpaper bedroom

They say that a bedroom should be a haven, a sanctuary of sorts from the hectic hustle-and-bustle of daily life. Perhaps to keep us sane from the craziness that we encounter everyday, or perhaps an oasis for romance. Whatever reason you may have for finding comfort in your bedroom, if it's not furnished to where you can fully relax, then where can you in your own home?

When we first moved into our home, we decided that the bedroom was to be the last room to get attention since we wanted the rooms where we were to entertain to be fully outfitted with furniture and decorative accessories. Well, now that it's been two years since we've lived in the house, we've learned that that thinking just does not work for us anymore. We've decided to be selfish and take care of our bedroom. We both live busy lives and yearn for a place to just rest and lounge in. And honestly, I want a bedroom I can be proud of because right now, proud is not exactly what I would use to describe my feelings.

We've got a few ideas floating around in our heads as to what kind of headboard/bed we want and other pieces of furniture to add to the space. But the one idea that really gets me excited to start working on our bedroom is a statement wall using wallpaper! I'm still honing in on what wallpaper we should get, but I think I'm getting closer to what should go in the room. Below are a few examples I found that I love, although some are a bit more adventurous than what I would go for. But they're all really gorgeous and worth thinking about.



Modern wallpaper - bedroom interior







I'm kind of leaning towards this one...

{Photo Credit (top to bottom): Left Coast Luxe, xJavierx's photostream, The Lennoxx, Design Classic Interior, House Beautiful, Homes and Gardens, 6th Street Design School, Belle Maison, Park Place magazine, all about you (Country Living), and House to Home}

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