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Sneak Peak: My Office

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Oookay, so I thought I would get back on track with writing posts after last weekend, BUT I was wrong. Way wrong. And I don't want to make any empty promises but I'm hoping the worst is over at work and that I can get back to writing to you guys a little more frequently.

Remember how I said I was picking out paint colors for my office since I wasn't happy with the current wall color? Well...I picked one out and I ended up choosing PINK! It's not a baby pink so don't worry, but it's definitely a look-at-me type of pink. And it's got the tiniest hint of raspberry with a little blueberry in it too, which gives it some depth. I tested out about 6 paint colors and immediately fell in love with "Queenly" by Sherwin Williams. It's exactly what I want and it makes me want to stay in my office. Crazy, right? But I think Pantone got it totally right when they chose a pink to be the 2011 color of the year, because it really is uplifting, motivating, and inspiring. Great for a home office in my opinion. What do you all think?


The new wall color really changes the whole vibe of the space. Creative and inspiring on the left, but not so much on the right.

I purchased these lovely note-cards from Annechovies and framed them to use as wall art instead.



  1. I agree, great color.


  2. Thank you! I still need to add a few more things to the walls and get the love-seat (Which is covered by the quilt) reupholstered, but for now I am really happy with my office~

  3. What a great colour and workspace! So thrilled to have discovered your blog, you have a great eye. Love you to visit me sometime, Naomi x


  4. @LiveBreatheDecor - Thanks so much! You've got a great eye as well! I'm loving the images you gathered for your "using the colour black" post. Black is really an under-dog of the colour world and I sometimes forget what an impact it can make. Great post!

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