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Holiday Wish List 2011: Stocking Stuffer Edition

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{1) Ladurée Macarons, 2) Kate Spade Double Exposure Earrings, 3) Brass Horse Envelope Knife, 4) Bonne Mère Soap - Honeysuckle, 5) Alphabet Mug, 6) Color-banded Dessert Plates, 7) Gold Wishbone Keychain, 8) Lady Like, and 9) Lollipop.}

Somehow, I've lost track of the days this month. I mean I think my heart literally did a somersault when I realized today was the 13th (less than 2 weeks 'till Christmas!). I should've realized it sooner too, since the past couple of times I've gone shopping (during the day mind you) there's been a ton of shoppers out.

Hopefully, you've all got your shopping lists whittled down to just a few last gifts, but if you're still having some trouble, then I hope my stocking stuffer holiday wish list helps you out. #6 might seem a bit difficult to get into a stocking, but they were just so pretty and inexpensive that I couldn't leave them out! I know that if any of the items above made it to my stocking, I'd be one very happy girl, hint hint.
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  1. I think your husband had the same reaction on a conference call this morning when someone told him he had less than 2 weeks until Christmas - busy (but exciting!) times in the Johnston household!

  2. @d.liff - Haha! He's been saying how soon Christmas is and getting all upset about it. I think he's going to try to pack in as much Christmas-ey activities as he can by then :)

  3. ahh perfect stocking stuffers. I mean, I could have a stocking full of macarons and be a pretty happy lady.


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