Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Obsessed With Skirted Tables

Coral Ikat Domesticate at Spoonflower
Domesticate at Spoonflower

Yes, one more obsession of mine to add to the list. But this one is a practical obsession, I swear! As you all know, the Greek Key dresser being a foyer table replacement didn't exactly pan out the way I had envisioned. And even though I got a great mini-bar out of it, I'm still stuck with a foyer table that I am not 100% in love with. Even though I would love to buy a foyer table that looks like this...

Jacqui Console Desk/Table

...I know it's just not in the cards. SO, I have decided that instead of chucking out the current foyer table (its the right size AND I save some $$), why not give it new life with some fabric? It's actually a great idea and I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. The fabric will help serve two purposes. The first being that it will hide any unsightly storage underneath the table (there's a shelf that can hold shoes when we have guests over - see photo below).

And the second purpose being it will add color and pattern to provide an impactful entrance into the house. This of course is all dependent on the fabric that I choose, but if you couldn't already guess, I'm thinking of the Coral Ikat (1st image at the top) by Domesticate from Spoonflower. Even though I'm not in love with the foyer table, it's one redeeming quality is the coral color, which is why I'm gravitating towards a coral fabric with a fresh print.

Once I get the Coral Ikat swatch in the mail, I'll document the process of taking the fabric and turning it into a skirt for my foyer table. Until then, check out the photos below for some great examples of skirted tables. And my next post will feature a designer who inspired me to do this for my own home. Can you guess who?

Happy Friday!

Kelley Interior Design Skirted TableKelley Interior

Amanda Nisbet Skirted Foyer Table
Amanda Nisbet

Southern Living Skirted Table
Southern Living

Grant Gibson Greek key skirted table
Grant Gibson

Tom Scheerer HB Skirted Table
Tom Scheerer

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30% Off Sale at Shop Proper Hunt

Shop Proper Hunt Sale
Out with the old, in with the new! I've just added a bunch of new items from my 2nd Trunk Show to my Etsy shop, and to make way for it all, I've taken 30% off on some of the items from my 1st Trunk Show. There's still a lot more items that I need to add to the store, so I'll keep you updated with another post very soon.

Look for "30% OFF SALE" in the title of the item for the sale items.

Happy Shopping!

Shop Proper Hunt's 2nd Trunk Show

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

A few weeks ago, I hosted the 2nd SPH Trunk Show (you can see the 1st one here) and I just had to show you some of the goodies that had been stock piling in my house for the past two months. Some of the items in the photos may have already been purchased, but if you see something you're interested in, just email me and I'll let you know if it's available.

I was so busy chatting up a storm with friends that I didn't take as many photos as I would've liked so my apologies for the lack of photos in this post. But once I have the time (and motivation) to upload all of the remaining items to my Etsy shop, you can see them all there, promise.

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

Shop Proper Hunt Biannual Trunk Show

{Photo Credit: Christina Johnston}

Monday, July 25, 2011

New at Shop Proper Hunt! Vera Neumann Silk Scarf Pillows!

I've got to make this quick, but just wanted to let you all know that the Vintage Vera Neumann silk scarves that I turned into pillows are now on my Etsy shop. Go check them out and let me know what you think!

And I'll have the photos from my 2nd Trunk Show up very soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Attention Please!

buffalo winter

It is finally happening. After working on so many design projects for myself and for others, I've decided that it's time to offer design services to everyone and anyone who enjoys the styles seen on Proper Hunt.

Currently, I'm offering E-Decorating services along with several A La Carte services. In the very near future, I will be offering the Full Service Design package so wait to hear more on that very soon. Check out all of my services here!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Greek Key Dresser Turned Mini-Bar

Proper Hunt Greek Key Dresser Bar

Finally! I have finished styling and photographing the Greek Key Dresser for you all to see! What do you guys think?? It's not exactly in the location I had intended it for, but we found a new purpose and location for it, so it all worked out in the end.

My intentions for this dresser were met with major failure. Let me explain. The minute we had placed it where the foyer table was, it was pretty obvious it wasn't going to work there. Even though I took care to measure the dresser in the entryway, somehow it stuck out too much and was too short (in width) to replace the foyer table. Turns out that there was an empty wall on our first floor that needed to be filled, so we figured: why not turn the dresser into a mini bar? So, now we have a piece that serves as a bar in our first floor and something really exciting to look at the minute you walk into our house.

Nerd Alert: When Steve and I were trying to figure out what the best approach would be for sizing the Greek key in a way that is visually pleasing, Steve recalled that he had read something about a mathematical concept called the Fibonacci sequence that related back to nature, math, and the arts. It's too much to explain in detail here, but basically Steve suggested that we use the "golden ratio" - which can be derived from the Fibonacci sequence - as our guide to sizing the pieces of the Greek key in relation to one another.

As you can see from the drawing below, each piece within the spiral pattern of the Greek key is approximately 1.6 times the size of the next smallest piece (the golden ratio is 1.618033....and goes on). We used this approach for measuring out the pieces in the top and bottom sections of the dresser and then simply doubled the lengths of each piece for the middle section.

Proper Hunt Greek Key Dresser Bar Measurements

And it worked! The result is quite visually pleasing I think. Then I topped the dresser off with a vintage white & yellow bamboo lamp (a steal from Goodwill at $14!) and some other vintage accessories from consignment shops and thrift stores. The overall style was to be functional yet glam and full of interest. How'd I do?

Proper Hunt Greek Key Dresser Bar

Proper Hunt Greek Key Dresser Bar

{All Photos by yours truly}

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Obsessed With Anything Greek Key

Proper Hunt Greek Key Dresser
Thanks to Steve for cutting 30+ wood pieces to make these Greek keys!

Sooooo, I decided to create my own Ikea Greek Key Dresser! I'm sure you guys have seen those DIY projects floating around the web that involve taking Ikea furniture and turning it into something custom-made. Well, I was so blown away by Bri and Jaimee's take on adding some glamour to an Ikea dresser that I had to do my own version of it too.

I've been wanting to get a new entry table/dresser and thought that this DIY project would be perfect for our entryway. It's not much of an entryway, but I want to make a big impact (in a modern way) the minute you walk in, since the rest of the room is pretty traditional.

Proper Hunt entry table
Current entry table - it was originally a maple wood stain, but I got bored with it and painted it "Bergamot" by Martha Stewart. It looks great, but doesn't really work with the rest of the room. Hence, this post.

Here are Bri and Jaimee's versions:

Bri's version which takes an older version of the Malm dresser and turns it into something really chic and modern. I absolutely love how she styled it!

Jaimee's couture version of the current Malm 6-drawer dresser.

Here is my work-in-progress:
Proper Hunt Malm dresser Greek Key
The Malm 3-drawer dresser that I'm using to create my own Greek Key piece. I was hoping to find one on Craigslist on the cheap cheap (and have it already built), but no such luck. But at $69.99, it was such a good deal brand new that I just sucked it up and spent 2 hours building it myself (with no help from Steve), isn't that amazing?!

Proper Hunt Greek Key tools
The tools for creating the Greek key wood pieces. I tried my hand at cutting a piece of wood and it took me about 10 minutes to make 1 cut. It was absolutely exhausting and just goes to show that I have no upper body strength. At this point I begged Steve to help me out with this project.

A close-up of Steve's handy work. Amazing that he made those really small pieces with that miter box/saw kit. are the beautiful Greek keys that Steve cut, all glued and painted.

I'm waiting for the second coat of paint to dry before gluing it onto the dresser. Helpful tip: I stuck push pins on the backside so that the paint doesn't stick to the plastic tarp. I'm purposely not painting the backside since it's getting glued to the dresser and won't be visible.

I promise, the minute the dresser is done I will post pictures of it. And I do have some interesting information on how I decided to shape the Greek keys, but more on that later! Promise!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sneak Peak: Our Living Room

French Lilac by Behr

Can you believe that the long holiday weekend is over? I'm completely in denial even though I'm at the office today. Despite being sad that the weekend is over, I'm really proud of how productive I was this weekend. Normally, I would've just relaxed and done nothing, but I told myself that I had to do something each day in order to check things off my list. Even with 4 days off, I only got through two thirds of the list, but I got some major things checked off.

The first thing I checked off was to repaint our living room. Steve and I were both getting antsy for change in that room and as much as we loved the light blue/green color that was up on the walls, we knew we wanted something a bit more dramatic and different. We had a two constraints in our color picking process: we wanted to make sure that whatever color we chose, it would complement the persimmon velvet drapes (those were expensive so they had to stay!) and the midnight blue secretary. Those were a must in our decision and I'd have to say that we did a great job picking the perfect color.

I chose 5 different colors to sample on the walls, all ranging from light lilac, to a forest/kelly green, and it was an obvious choice once all the colors were up. French Lilac by Behr beat out the other 4 and we are so happy with it. Sorry for the bad photo below, but you can see the new wall color with the new placement of our bar.

new living room color

With repainting the living room, we also got the urge to rearrange our furniture. The new setup, I think, really opens up the space and feels much more welcoming than before. And, I finally took the vintage settee that I found over a year ago to get reupholstered! It won't be ready for a few more weeks, but once we get it, I'll take some good photos of our living room and share with you what we've done.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend with family & friends and celebrating the independence of our nation. I'll be back tomorrow with more info on our living room situation and other projects I've been working on, promise. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Then & Now in New Jersey

I don't know where to begin to explain what a black hole I've been this whole week. From last weekend's trip to repainting our living room (more on that later, promise!), everyday has been booked up and only now am I getting the chance to share with you what's been going on.

Let's start with our trip to Rutherford to see Mary Ellen (Steve's cousin) and her family. We had such a lovely stay with them in their beautiful house - Mary Ellen has promised to send photos of her house since I didn't think my point-and-shoot would do it justice. We also got to meet Thomas, their adorable 16 month old son. Since we had so much to catch up on, Mary Ellen and I barely had a chance to talk about interior design stuff, but we did have time to go to this amazingly packed consignment shop called 'Then & Now' in Hawthorne, New Jersey. I swear, the minute we walked in I was on an adrenaline rush and couldn't concentrate on anything else but to shop, shop, shop. I think I kind of freaked out Mary Ellen and her husband Rich, but Steve explained to them that I was just in the "zone."

As you can see in the photos, there are A LOT of fantastic things in this store. I must've done 3 or 4 rounds of the store, and even as I left, I noticed MORE items that I missed. Ah well, that just means I have to come back soon, right? If you are ever in the Hawthorne, New Jersey area, make sure you check out this consignment shop. You'll be sure to find something to take home.

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