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It's So {Nice} Out

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


On days like today when the weather is absolutely gorgeous (mid 70s, blue skies, lots of sun, & a light breeze), it just reminds me so much of the weather in Nice, France. We visited Nice (with side jaunts to Avignon & Monaco) last April. It seems like such a long time ago, but I definitely remember how perfect the weather was. And since we live in a waterfront town, when the weather is nice like it is today, it really feels like I could be in Nice instead of Annapolis. Though with today's weather I am one happy camper, I still fondly think of the short time we spent in Nice.

I know that when we got back from Nice last year, I showed you a few photos from the trip but I don't think I ever shared with you the photos of the amazing apartment that we stayed in. We were lucky enough to stay (for free!) at my brother-in-law's childhood friend's apartment for a week and boy was it chic! It's funny cause when we got to the apartment building and started our ascent up the 4 story stairwell, we got a tad worried because it literally looked like the building was starting to crumble and fall apart (actually, the building was built in the 17th century I believe). But the minute the door opened to the apartment, our jaws dropped because the apartment was modern, chic, and just absolute perfection.

Here's to hoping that one day we will return to Nice for another lovely trip!

Those leather chairs made me a believer in leather furniture.

Recognize those light fixtures? They're in Chuck Bass' apartment on Gossip Girl.

Nice, France

Our view from the kitchen/dining room windows. Gorgeous, no?


Nice, France


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  1. Great apartment. I don't often notice lighting but I was really drawn to that fab lighting. I have many builder grade fixtures, YUCK, and I am hoping to change them out soon with something wonderful and sleek.

    1. Same here! Light fixtures aren't something I first think of, but those black & gold ones really caught my eye when we stayed in that apartment. We've got the same problem in our home too, and I'm hoping that one day we'll replace ALL of them ;)

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