Weekend Recap // PBteen Opening

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was sort of a bust. I caught a summer cold (why do they call it that? It still sucks whether its during the summer or winter) and was too sick to go anywhere all weekend. Well, almost. Last week, I got an email from the PR rep of Pottery Barn Brand asking if I would cover the opening of their newest PBteen store at the Annapolis Mall. I, of course, said I would. So, I made myself up as best I could (even though my throat was killing me and all I wanted to do was sleep) and headed over to the mall early Saturday morning. Even though I was exhausted afterwards, I am so glad I went. It was quite the opening with a DJ booth, complimentary drinks, and lots of customers excited to be shopping at a PBteen. And like I said before, it was really great to see the products in person. I've used PBteen as an online resource for clients and my design boards, but to see it in person was so great.

A lot of their products can go beyond the teenage years. I was discussing this with Jody, the VP of Stores, and she completely agreed. She even told me that her guest room uses the bedding that they offer. It just goes to show you that you don't have to buy items from PBteen or any other demographically-targeted retailer and use it only for what they're targeting. You just have to use your imagination and see beyond how they display their merchandise.

In fact, while I was at the opening, I really focused on photographing items that I would use in my own house. And there was quite a lot of items that I found that would work for someone who doesn't have teens or tweens. I think the great thing that PBteen does is that it offers products that can grow with the teen. They have items that are classic (keeps the parents happy), but they also have more youthful items too, which keeps the younger generation happy. Below are the items that I think would work at any age. Have any of you repurposed products from a retailer that were meant for a different demographic? I would love to know!

{Pop Dot Sheets} {Dottie Sheets} {Peyton Sheets} {Suite Organic Sheets}

{Hampton 5-drawer Dresser}

The Scallop Corner Wall Decal is a chic way to add some personalization to any room.

A multi-tasker if you will. Functional decor - Wire Wall Letters

The Rings Sheet set in Navy is absolutely perfect for the Annapolitan customer - so nautical!

This desk would be great in a city apartment, where space is limited. Or as a vanity table in a bedroom.

I am a big fan of the Quincy Scallop Super Pouf Comforter.

I was lucky enough to meet the VP of Stores of PBkids & PBteen and the General Manager.

Aren't the color combos so fun and refreshing? I was so tempted to get this blanket. Still am...

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  1. I always find things in the PB teen catalogue that I want for myself! So fun to be able to see it in person.

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