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Style // The Short Sleeve Coat

Thursday, November 07, 2013


It's been a while hasn't it? I thought that since it's been some time since my last post, this should be a good one. And I hope you guys think so. Here is my second outfit post! Did I redeem myself from being gone for a few days?

The other day, I went into H&M for a quick stop to check out the toddler clothes. I went in and got a few pieces for Cora, but came out lusting after this short sleeve coat that was only $59.95!! When I got home, I felt like an idiot for not picking it up because we all know what happened the last time I let something fabulous go. Well, I went back to H&M with all fingers crossed that it would magically still be there. I figured it would be gone within the week since there were only a few left when I first saw it. BUT, it looks like luck was on my side because there she was! Waiting for me to pick her up and take her home!

One thing I've learned about myself over time is that I really hate bundling up when the weather starts getting cold. With piling on sweaters, thick coats, and scarves, I start feeling somewhat claustrophobic. Especially since everywhere you go, they blast the heat, and worse, you have to deal with the heat in cars - nauseating! Yes, I know. I'm a weirdo, but it's the absolute truth. So anything to keep me warm yet somewhat cool at the same time is what I'm looking for. And I think this short sleeve coat is going to do just that. It's kind of like a cape, but unlike most capes you can wear a bag that goes over your shoulder. A win-win situation I'd say.

What do you guys think? Are you in favor of short-sleeve coats? Or not really feeling it? I'd love to know!

Pardon my b**** face here. Looking through the photos from this shoot, I make this face a lot. Whoops!


This vintage gorgeousness is coming to my shop real soon!



{H&M Coat in stores} {Dittos Calypso Jeans} {Old Navy Crossbody Tassel Bag} {Ralph Lauren Boots from TJMaxx} {H&M Cable Knit Sweater, similar} {Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses} {J.Crew Crystal Venus Flytrap Necklace} {J.Crew Leopard Bracelet} {Kate Spade Mom Idiom Bracelet, similar} {Vintage Link Watch} {Vintage Snake Rhinestone Cuff, coming soon to Shop Proper Hunt!} {Vintage Green Ring}

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  1. A short sleeve coat is genius when you think about it! I have the same issue with bundling up in Iowa. The layers start to get so thick and uncomfortable and then in the car I have to turn the A/C on to keep from sweating! I'm such a pain haha


  2. Thanks Amanda!! Yes, isn't the heat in the car the worst?? I have to open windows to cool down which is kind of crazy when it's freezing outside! xx


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