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Friday, December 11, 2015

vivi june and january giveaway
Vivi is excited about this June & January Giveaway that we're hosting! She really wants you to win!

Happy Friday! Who else is excited that it's the freakin' weekend! Me! Me! We've got plans to head downtown for the Parade of Lights and are so excited for Cora to see it all. We hadn't gone in the past because it was just too cold, but lucky for us, the weather will be unseasonably warm tomorrow so we are taking advantage to see the boats all lit up. We also have a fun gingerbread house-making birthday party for one of Cora's friends, so that'll be a whole lot of fun too.

Just wanted to remind everyone that the June & January Giveaway is ending tonight at 6pm EST (I'll announce the winner at 9pm EST tonight!), so make sure you enter! You only win if you play, so make sure to play. As you can see below, June & January have the cutest clothes & accessories for little babes! You can see more of their offerings modeled by none other than my little tubb over here.

vivi june and january giveaway 2

vivi emma

And for the adults reading this post...
Have you guys seen Navette's newest clothing line?? You have to check it out, either in person or at the very least online. My friends, Chrissy & Farah, are the sister designers behind this new clothing line and it is amazing. This tank is an absolute dream and feels like butter.

They also have a consignment shop on Maryland Avenue in downtown Annapolis. It's filled with well-curated pieces and I always find something I love whenever I go there, including this J.Crew top I found the other day, yay!

I love how social media can connect us to other like-minded individuals. You may have already recognized this artist from my artwork wish list post the other day, or you may most definitely have seen her works in stores around Annapolis or online. I'm talking about Megan Elizabeth, or you may better know her by her hand @artbymegan on Instagram. Her paintings are so serene & calm yet are colorful and I love her depictions of the ocean. She was so kind to send me this painting and I knew exactly where it would make me the happiest to see it. In Vivi's room! Check out her work and snap a piece of hers!

Have a great weekend!!


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