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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Amelia Rose Round Charm Necklace / Amelia Rose Diamond Initial Necklace / Amelia Rose Brushed Gold Cocktail Ring / Amelia Rose Catalina Round Oval Pink Ruby Gold Earrings

I have always been a fan of charm necklaces and anything to do with initials & monograms. So when they're together in one single piece of jewelry, it's a double win in my opinion. There's something so sweet and simple about a charm necklace, but when you add an initial to it, it gives it more meaning.

When Cora was born, Steve had given me as a Mother's Day present, a monogrammed charm necklace of Cora's initials. I think it's so special and honestly, it goes with so many of the things I wear. So when Vivi was born, I knew I wanted another piece of jewelry that had her initials on it. Funnily enough, both girls have the same initials! One could argue that the monogrammed necklace that I got from Steve could represent both girls, but that wouldn't be fair to Vivi, right?

Well, one of my favorite brands, Amelia Rose, has a multitude of different charm necklaces and initial necklaces, so I was able to find one that fit both me and Vivi! I got the Amelia Rose Round Charm Necklace in "V" and I couldn't resist the Amelia Rose Diamond Initial Necklace in "C" for me. I've never had any piece of jewelry with my initials on it so I thought it was high time I did. And with diamonds no less! Luckily, it didn't break the bank, because these diamond initial necklaces are so affordable!

I've found myself wearing both necklaces practically every day, I'll even layer the Round Charm Necklace with other necklaces too. And I don't wear a lot of silver toned jewelry, but I have to say that the diamond initial necklace is so delicate and so classic that it really has become something I wear almost all the time.

*This post was created in sponsorship with Amelia Rose. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that keep this blog going!


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    1. Thanks Yolonda! Both are great for everyday wear ;) xx


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