Naples, Florida Mini Home Tour

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I am so excited to share with you guys a mini home tour of my good friends' Naples, Florida home! Remember we had a family vacation there last month? Well, I'm finally sharing some photos of their beautiful home. There are a lot of photos, so I'm going to warn you now that if you don't have time to scroll through and take in all this gorgeous-ness, then come back when you do because you're going to want to be ogling these pics for a while.

My friend, Lindsey, has amazing style both in fashion and interiors, so it's no surprise that her home is gorgeous. I remember the first time we visited them in their home, just the home itself is gorgeous. I mean soaring ceilings, built-ins in the living room, a great layout, and the back patio of my dreams. But aside from the house being amazing, Lindsey (and John, but mostly Lindsey, sorry John!) decorated it perfectly. And since our first trip a few years ago, they've added more square footage to the house because they've grown as a family. It was such a treat to see their renovations and to stay with them for a few days.

The photos that I'm sharing are mostly of the new additions to the house. They added two new bathrooms and I won't lie, when I saw both of them, I gasped and my heart skipped a beat. They are both such beautiful bathrooms, and I'm pretty sure my photographs don't do them justice.

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Lindsey and John for letting me share a peek into their beautiful home! Now, I have to go convince Steve that I need that wallpaper somewhere in our house, wish me luck!

The guest room where we stayed. Is it not the most inviting and comfortable looking room?

I love that Lindsey used a bar cart as a nightstand. She's good, right?

They have two of these sofas in their living room and it just looks so fabulous. And they're ridiculously comfy.

Yup, those are Gray Malin photographs (similar here and here). Lindsey had another set years ago in their DC apartment before it was a thing to have a Gray Malin. So ahead of her time. I'm telling ya, girl has mad style.

Can you guys see the herringbone pattern of the tiles?? I tried real hard to capture it because it's just plain sick. I love anything herringbone and to have it in the shower is genius.

This bathroom. Where do I start with the gushing?? This is the bathroom that her daughters use and it is pretty much just full of gorgeous things. See here and below.

The patio of my dreams.

Lattice wall of my dreams.

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