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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Hi friends! Gosh, it's been a while since I've posted anything. I'm so sorry about that! Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks. I've mentioned a few life updates on Instagram, but haven't done so here, so let me remedy that. It has been a looong time coming, but we finally put our house on the market two weeks ago! We just felt it was the right time to do it and are so excited for what the next chapter of our lives brings! I honestly think we both were feeling so cramped in our current house that it just kind of got to us and helped give us the push we needed.

Scratch that, really a house that we had fallen in love with gave us the kick in the pants we needed to get the ball rolling. Sadly though, we decided against the house because of it's location. It just wasn't the right fit for us. But lucky us, we had already started packing up things in the house (non-essentials) and getting ready to put it on the market that we were like, there's no turning back! Quite quickly after we that, we fell in love with another house and even put a contingent offer in with the hopes that we would sell our house super fast. Well, we did sell our house, but not fast enough because someone else put an all-cash offer on the house we wanted. So as of right now, our house is pending with a closing date at the end of the month and we have no house to move into. How's that for just being a tad stressful and excited all at the same time?

My anxiety levels have gone off the charts and I honestly don't know what it feels like to be normal. I'm hoping that we find a house soon and that we can stop shopping around. It's funny, I was so excited about looking for a new house for us, I mean I was (and still am) constantly on Redfin's app (such a great app! Not sponsored, just a big fan of them) looking at houses and now that we're at this point, I cannot tell you how exhausted I am at looking.

To say that it's been an emotional rollercoaster would be a total understatement. We've been told that there's a bit of an uptick in homes coming on the market after Labor Day, so we've been praying that something that is right for us comes up and our search for a home can come to an end. Until then, I'm just going to get excited that Fall is pretty much here and that I should start collecting things for my Fall wardrobe.

I thought it most appropriate to do a Hi/Lo post to share a great transitional look that's perfect for now. You can still wear that white eyelet top from Summer and add some great transitional pieces to give it that Fall look.

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