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Weekend Updates // Cora's Party & My Favorite Finds

Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I sure did. In fact, I'm somewhat recovering from all of the preparations and festivities that occurred. Cora's 1st birthday party was on Saturday and preparing for it was all my family and I did all week long. Honestly, I should've prepared for it a little further in advance, but that's just not my style, right? I'm a last minute preparer, always have and always will be I guess. But with all of my stressing over the party, it all went off without a hitch. And I have my incredible family and best friends to thank. You all made the party the most amazing celebration of Cora's first birthday possible and it was so wonderful to share the special occasion with you all. A special thanks to my parents for hosting the fabulous fête and for being the best host & hostess imaginable. Thank you mom and dad!

I have lots more photos from the party and even a DIY to share with you this week. But here's just a sneak peek of the awning I created for the dessert bar. And yes, there was a French theme involved. You know me, I'm a Francophile. I couldn't help myself.

And even more exciting news today. I'm featured on Brittany's blog, Classically B, today! I met Brittany through Instagram (another reason why I love that social media app) and am so glad I did because I learned about her blog and her stunning pillow line! Head on over to her blog to see what my Favorite Four Finds are right now!
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  1. Thanks for sharing your faves on the blog today!!!

    1. Thank YOU for having me over at your lovely blog Brittany!! Xx,


  2. Your party looks wonderful! great awning and fun theme! Looking forward to the pictures.Congrats for featuring over at B's..nice to meet her and glad she's posting your stylish finds!
    xo Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy!! Isn't Brittany's blog great? She's got a wonderful pillow line too ;)

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