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Friday, December 04, 2015

2015 Art Favorites

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Sharing some of my favorite pieces of artwork today. With art, along with many other things, I love it all. From impressionism to abstract to photography, to sculptures & art installations, it all kind of "speaks to me" as they say. What I look for in a new piece of art is how it makes me feel, along with how it will look in the designated space. As long as it brings me some kind of joy, whether it's the jump-for-joy kind of joy, or the joy that only my romantic side could feel (Paris rooftops, anyone?), that's the main criteria when I try to find something for my home. And the above pieces do just that. Some are full of color, while the absence of color in some give me a sense of calm and peace. Which of these "speaks to you"?


  1. As someone who paints and has an abstract inspired approach, but I wouldn't put it in that category I always have mixed feelings about mass produced abstract art. 2 and 5 have great colors for anyones home decor style. Fun finds!


  2. Thanks for including my original pieces in this roundup!


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