Sorry for the Hiatus!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My apologies for such a long and unexpected hiatus! Things have been a bit busy and stressful with our upcoming trip to Kenya quickly approaching - we leave this Friday, eek! And I do have to apologies for not heading to Silk and Burlap this weekend but (get ready, I've got some excuses up my sleeve) it was my husband's and another close friend's birthday fête this past weekend which entailed heading to H Street Country Club. Great place to party! I suggest checking this place out even though it has nothing to do with home decorating.

And my family wanted to celebrate my husband's birthday by having a dinner party for him. So all in all, this weekend was packed with birthday fiestas and getting ready for our intercontinental trip. There really wasn't much time to squeeze in a drive to Frederick, MD but I really do promise that I will head up there. I need to head up there because I know I'll find some great accessories for the house.

OH! I did forget to mention one other thing that we did this past weekend that prevented me from going to Silk and Burlap -- we repainted our family room! Haha, I knew I forgot something really big that we did. Anywho, we painted the family room over the winter when I started getting antsy about decorating the house. Well, for this particular room I did NOT have a clear vision as to what the color should've been. Some rooms just scream out a color that you need to paint it based on its function or what furniture you already have inside. Well, this room did not scream to me and so I just kind of took it upon myself to paint it a medium brown. Not that the color itself was a bad color, it just did not evoke the mood that we envisioned for the room.

Now, with this new color (Harmonious by Behr Premium Ultra) we have the calm and inviting family room that we've always wanted. This paint, btw, is AMAZING! It's paint and primer in one and it only took us 2 coats to get the job done whereas with a separate primer it would've taken at least 3-4 coats. And nope, it didn't cost a fortune to get the 1 gallon that we needed - just under $40.

Here's a shot of the family room with the new paint color.

With a little rearranging of the furniture and new paint on the walls, it feels like a brand new room! We love it and don't want to leave it! All we need is a slightly bigger tv...

Ah, at the request of a comment left by LW, I would like to share with you a picture of the great coffee table that I purchased at Echoes and Accents. Like I said before, the table was not in the color that I wanted, so I spray painted it with 18kt Gold Spray and voilà!

A neoclassical Hollywood Regency coffee table for $110! Still can't believe it.

We replaced the dark trunk with the new gold coffee table in the living room.

I know that today's post was all about my house (sorry!) and a tad on the short side, but come back tomorrow since I'll be covering a bit on arm/accent chairs!


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