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Friday, September 11, 2009

There's a ton of office accessories that I came across, some that I liked and some that I didn't like. For the ones that made the cut, check them out below!

{Going clockwise from the top left corner: Memoir Stapler for $78.00, Mark-My-Words Bookmarks, Pearl for $18.00, Kate Spade tickled pink correspondence cards for $25.00, Chartreuse Dots File Folder Set for $27.95, Pen Pot Cognac for $12.95, Brocade Bulletin Board for $65.00.

This Desktop Carousel from Making Memories is $39.99 and is great if you're short on space.

Same with this Desktop Organizer also from Making Memories.

Looker Letter Holder from Organize.com for $7.49.

Semikolon Magazine Box from See Jane Work for $18.00.

See Jane Work Basics Desktop Organizer from See Jane Work for $30.00.

Bill Organizer from Pottery Barn for $59.00.
For those pesky bills, put them in their place!

Another very important item in a home office is desktop file storage. The Looker Letter Holder from Organize.com is great since it comes in different colors allowing you to match it with your existing color palette.

Pencil Cups from See Jane Work for $10.00. Comes in different colors/patterns too!

Don't think that you have to buy something that is called a 'pencil cup' to be used as a pencil cup. You can always use a mug, or a vase to hold your pens and pencils. Or you could even create your own. Just get a clean can and glue some fun paper around it.

Cavallini Sticky Notes, Animals from Kate's Paperie for $14.00

Lilly Pulitzer Ballpoint Pen, Animal Crackers from Kate's Paperie for $23.75

Saffian Address Book - Robin's Egg Blue from Paper Source for $30.95.
Robin's Egg Blue - new color that I'm obsessed with.

Raval Page Flags from Paper Source for $5.95.
{Includes 375 sticky page flags, 75 each of 5 cool designs}

{Going clockwise from the top left corner: Eyelet Spiral Note Card, Beaded Zinnia Note Card, Purple Lace Note Card, Eyelet Daisy Note Card. Price depends on your order.}

One would think with all of the tech-y forms of communication that we have now, snail mail would be obsolete. Well, that way of thinking is WRONG. I can't tell you how thankful I am when I receive a beautiful card in the mail, and I'm pretty sure you all enjoy it too. We all expect to find our mailboxes filled with bills (and I'm sure we do, I know I do) but wouldn't it be so much better to find them filled with hand-written cards? So why don't we continue the great tradition that is snail mail and maybe others can do unto us what we do to them.

And what better card to get then a Vera Wang card. I absolutely adore her stationery line and have sent them out during what was the most card-sending time in my life - before & after my wedding. If you're wondering which one I sent out, it was the Eyelet Spiral Note Card as thank-you cards.

I'm going to leave you with some more calendars since that seems to be the only thing on my mind. I am determined to go buy one tonight! Let me know which of these are your favorites~

Linda & Harriett 2010 Calendar at Linda & Harriett for $30.00.

2010 French Posters Wall Calendar at Barnes & Noble for $13.99.

2010 Paper Source Letterpress Calendar at Paper Source for $18.50.

Matisse 2010 Wall Calendar at MoMa for $13.99.
One of my favorite artists.


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