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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maybe it's just me, but I often have a hard time finding table runners that I really like. And I only buy things that I really like. Why spend money on things that you only sort of like?

I remember this past spring I was looking for a light, feminine table runner and could not find anything worth purchasing. Granted, I didn't do an extensive search online (that would've been a good idea - silly that I didn't). But anyways I thought well if I can't find a table runner, then I'm going to go to a fabric store and make my own. And that's exactly what I did. I found the exact fabric that I had envisioned in my mind and took it back home. It worked out perfectly except that the ends aren't finished. One of these days I'll take it to a seamstress to have finished but for now it's good enough for me.

Anywho, I was talking with my lovely future sister-in-law, Trisha, the other day and she had mentioned that she was in search of a table runner. Well, I thought I'm going to do some proper research so that it'll make it easier for people who are looking for one.

Ya know what? There are like a gazillion table runners online! If only I had searched online. You would think I would've thought of surfing the web seeing as how I am a web designer by day. Ah, ya live and ya learn right?

Below are just a few (more than a few, really) examples I came across that I think are definitely worth purchasing. Heck, I might even buy one myself!

Takashi Runner from Crate and Barrel for $49.95

Green leaves - perfect for Fall!

Unique Hand Embroidery & Cut Work Cotton Table Runner from Victoria's Deco for $29.99.

Dress this up for a fancier affair or down for a shabby chic look, whichever you prefer.

Spice Route Table Runner from Saffron Marigold for $34.99 - $54.99

This red will warm up any table.

Chilewich® Pressed Vinyl Dot Runners from Sur la Table for $25.00

For those of you who favor a more modern look. Plus, it's easy to clean.

Purple Moon Table Runners from Saffron Marigold for $34.99 - $54.99

Bandol Table Linen Collection from for $16.95

Love, love, love the design!

Tangier Table Linen Collection from for $43.95
{Also comes in black and white}

Country Living
Photo Credit: Frances Janisch

Create your own unique table runner by sewing together doilies.

April Cornell Opulent Gold Table Runner from Cook n' Style for $49.95

April Cornell Chateau Embroidered White Table Runner from Cook n' Style for $32.95

Fleur Runners from Z Gallerie for 34.95

Rich colors + rich pattern = A rich look

Chrysanthemum Embroidered 72" Table Runner from Cook n'Style for $59.95

So luxurious.

Danica Studio Neema 72" Table Runner from Cook n'Style for $34.95

My inner wannabe graphic designer has a weakness for the medallion patterns like the one on this table runner.


  1. I'm a drapery seamstress and I can tell you that table runners are sewn inside out, so unless you do it that way, you're going to have ugly seams at the "ends" that you'll only be able to cover up if you add heavy trims.


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