Toss Pillows - Tougher than you think

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Have you ever bought toss pillows solely because you thought they were pretty, not really asking yourself if it will go with anything in your house? I have and I can tell you right now that I've kicked myself in the butt for it. I'll be all excited about bringing the pillows home, and then the realization that they do not match with ANYTHING in the house hits me. Yes, it is a depressing and frustrating feeling and you tell yourself that you won't do it again but then it happens again all too soon.

I have a feeling a lot of you have gone through this vicious cycle and vowed that you wouldn't do it again. Well, in regards to toss pillows I'm going to try and shed some light on these seductive items. And maybe you won't be that person that is always returning things at stores (like me) cause let's be honest, its a pain to have to return items. Such a waste of time, no?

Assess the room that needs the toss pillows. Let's say it's your bedroom that needs it. What are the colors that make up the majority of the room and what are the accent colors that are already there? Once you've figured that out, you can move forward in deciding whether you want to add more of the base color in or if you would rather add more accent color to the room.

I like contrast in any room, that's just how I am. So, I am going to tell you how I feel about the aesthetic purpose of a toss pillow. I prefer them to be the opposite color of the main color in a room. Okay that sounds kind of confusing and doesn't really make any sense, but what I mean is let's say your bedding is a medium to dark blue, then I say your toss pillows should be something that is complementary of the said blue (i.e. yellow, pink, orange, white - all lighter shades of the blue you have). This way the toss pillows really stand out from your bedding, not get lost in your bedding.

Here's another example to help you out. Say your living room wall color is this:

With this wall color, I would personally choose medium to dark colored pillows. Possibly a darker blue/green botanical print pillow (below left fabric swatch - Windemere, Aqua) to complement the wall color. Then maybe two solid color pillows in a medium dark poppy shade (below right fabric swatch - Slubby Basket, Rosehip) to anchor the sofa and to tie in with the botanical print pillow. The poppy color in both pillows will play up the warmth from the seagrass rug.

Windemere, Aqua - Calico Corners

Slubby Basket, Rosehip - Calico Corners

And one more pillow in the fabric below to go on that armchair will complete the toss pillow situation for me. What do you guys think? I chose this bamboo graphic print because I thought it would add that extra punch the room needs and it picks up some of the light neutrals in the botanical print pillow.

Key West, White/Yellow - Calico Corners

I know I said I prefer contrasting color schemes, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the single color scheme as well. Somehow, I just gravitate towards colors that contrast since it helps break things up visually.

But enough examples, let's get to the goods!

One of my favorite toss pillows out there is this Ruffle Pillow in Pink by Pier 1 Imports -$39.95

A beautiful chartreuse Damask cushion byNicole Jane Home - $50.99

Silk Twill Printed Pillows by Williams Sonoma Home - $69.99

For those of you who want the graphic look but still want some subtleness in color, this Silk Twill Printed Pillow is for you.

Pine Cone Hill Madeline Cafe Au Lait Neckroll - Uptown Country - $44.00

Maharani Bolsters - John Robshaw Textiles - $75.00

Bolsters are 'in' right now despite their crude origins, according to Wikipedia.

Chinoiserie Pillow by Cherry and East - $100.00

Pricey, yes but the Chinoiserie pattern is not easy to come by in toss pillows so keep that in mind when you're asking yourself why this pillow is so darn expensive.

Serena and Lily Decorative Pillow by Layla Grayce - $88.00

Calling all Gossip Girl fans, how funny is it that this brand is called Serena and Lily. How appropriate, right?

Kidney Pillow Luscious by Target - $59.99

Not sure why it's called the Kidney Pillow, but it is perfect for the winter months that are coming upon us.

Those who pine for the basic toss pillow, look no further. Here are a few classics that you'll never tire of.

Linden Street® Button Pillow by JCPenney - $14.99

Microvelvet Welt Pillow - Chocolate from Target - $39.99

Cable Knit Pillow - Cream from Target - $19.99

Another great winter pillow to get snugly with.

I know that some of these pillows are a little bit pricier but keep them in mind just in case you want to make that investment. Or use them as inspiration and find a less expensive version. A great place to check out is Target. They have so many styles and colors, you would be hard-pressed not to find something there.

If the task of finding the exact color pillow to match your bedding/furniture/wall color is too difficult, then I suggest going to a place like Calico Corners to get the exact color you want. They offer loads of fabrics in every shade and styles possible and they can make the pillow for you. Or if you have the fabric and just need someone to make it for you, take it to your nearest seamstress. If finding that right toss pillow for your home is too hard to find ready-made, then going to a seamstress will be worth it.

We covered a lot on toss pillows and yet there is a lot more that we didn't get too, but I hope that this helped you in tackling your toss pillow endeavors!


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