Vessels and Wares by Jeanette Zeis

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hailing from the very fine state of Georgia, Jeanette Zeis creates fanciful ceramics that I am absolutely adoring. They are feminine but not so much that you can't use them everyday. Her pottery strikes a very nice balance between femininity and casualness so it's perfect for everyday use.

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I heart U cozy mug from Etsy for $23.00.

I could use this for tea, coffee, ice cream or soup.

Cupcake stand in yellow from Etsy for $20.00.

Cupcake purple with ruffles from Etsy for $20.00.

Show off your cupcake decorating skills with these cute stands.

Creamer and sugar jar set in baby blue from Etsy for $48.00.

Pink casserole from Etsy for $50.00.

Aqua 3 piece dinnerware set from Etsy for $76.00.

White 3 piece dinnerware set from Etsy for $76.00.

Large floral berry bowl and saucer from Etsy for $62.00.

Small prep or dessert bowls from Etsy for $24.00.

This has cereal bowl written all over it.

Set of dessert plates from Etsy for $48.00.

I think I have an obsession with plates. All kinds of plates, you name it I want it. Especially dessert plates since you can serve other fare besides dessert on them like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. They are the perfect size for that snack in-between meals since they aren't too big or small.


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