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Friday, October 09, 2009

With the creation of this blog, I've been trying to educate myself in interior designing and all those who are leaders in the field. I am by no means anywhere close to having the vision and creativity held by these masters, but I want to learn! And I love it when I come across a new designer because it means I have a new style to soak up and learn from.

Now, I'm going to be awful and assume that you have not heard of Alessandra Branca, but she is one of those designers I truly envy. Her style, from the images I've seen, seem to me of a Vibrant Romantic. She somehow picks the perfect ensemble of pieces to create a balanced and dynamic composition. In some ways her designs are very couture, but she brings some whimsy into it so you don't take it too seriously. She combines elegance, boldness, and comfort into one beautiful interior and that is exactly how I want to decorate.

If the few images below are just not enough to satisfy you, then check out her new book New Classic Interiors. I think it's time for me to get the credit card out to purchase this...


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