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Friday, October 23, 2009

I am very, very picky about what goes up on my walls so I get very, very excited when I find something 'worthy' to put up on them. I especially love finding original artwork or as close to it (vintage prints) as I can since I try not to put up things that I might see at someone else's house.

I melt for oil paintings but that's just a tad outside of my price range most of the time (okay, all the time!). Same goes for watercolor paintings as well but I am in luck today! Victoria Molinelli is a featured artist on Coleen & Company and is showcasing 4 original watercolor paintings and I am dying to get my hands on the one below. It is a rendering of a vintage interior and is a limited edition item.

Hanging Robe - $285.00

The colors and pattern are what draw me to it. Bright & cozy and is fused with a little bit of French and Traditional styles to create a gorgeous room.

There are 3 others available as well:

Pink Gallery Wall - $285.00

Green Banquette - $285.00

Tiger Print with Fire - $285.00

They are hand signed and hand numbered which makes it that much more special!


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