The Foyer needs a Facelift

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lately, I've been really wanting to redecorate my entry way. It's just gotten to the point where I do NOT like walking past it because it is completely disorganized. Even with a letter holder, hooks to hold coats and Emma's leash, and an entry table it all somehow gets cluttered and messy. I think a redo is in order ASAP.

I want my entry way to look like this...

{Photo Credit: House Beautiful}

Hermes boxes makes everything look chic, don't you think?

{Photo Credit: Home Magazine}

Organization is important in a foyer and if it's stylishly done, then even better!

{Photo Credit: Tria Giovan; Designer: Mary Evelyn McKee}

{Photo Credit: Deborah Whitlaw}

{Photo Credit: House Beautiful; Designer: Jonathan Berger}

This is my absolute dream foyer. You know how much I love deep pink and with that Chinoiserie vase, LOVE IT!

{Photo Credit: House Beautiful}

{Photo Credit: House Beautiful}

This is a close second after the Jonathan Berger pink Chinoiserie foyer.

{Photo Credit: The House of Turquoise}

Cool and calm is the way I want my foyer to be.


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