Local Hunts Part VIII: The Paris Market

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If there were ever words to make me swoon within 2 seconds of saying them it would have to be 'Paris Market'. First off, just saying 'Paris' evokes images of sitting at an outdoor cafe drinking a café au lait people watching. How très chic is that? And 'Market', well that just evokes being surrounded by shops - heaven! Can I just say, I am SO excited about going to Paris next year! My husband and I still have yet to go on our honeymoon. Reasons being we bought a house and then went to Africa for a wedding which means no money for a honeymoon. But come next spring we will be there!

Anywho, I'm getting off track here. So yes, when these two words were uttered by my good friend, Linds (she mentioned this fabulous shop she discovered in Savannah, Georgia) I literally clutched my chest and swooned. I'm pretty sure I did that, right Linds? Linds was sweet enough to give me their business card so I could check out their website since I wasn't exactly planning on taking a trip to Savannah anytime soon. Although, I might considering their items are right up my alley!

So without further ado, here are a few of the goodies at The Paris Market!

The Paris Market
If I didn't know the name of the store, this photo alone would make me book a plane ticket to Savannah for this store.

Silver Napkin Rings
Silver Napkin Rings for $14.50.

Multitasking items are the best and even better when it comes to the tablescape.

Necklace with Occo Geode
Chain with Occo Geode for $112.00.

A statement necklace using stones I've never seen on a necklace before. Truly unique! C'est si bon!

Mirror Pendant Lamp
Mirror Pendant Lamp
$247.50: medium
$462.50: large

It'll instantly warm up any room and add a bit of vintage elegance.

Framed/Unframed French Land Deeds
Framed/Unframed French Land Deeds
$40.00: Unframed
$65.00: Framed

A piece of history in the most romantic language. Who cares if you can't understand it?

Paris Decanter
Paris Decanter
$337.50: small
$390.00: large

Such a delicate and fashionable way of serving drinks. Perfect for those holiday parties coming up.


  1. Yay!! So glad you featured this wonderful store! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and spent at least an hour just looking around while I was there. I also totally thought of you and knew you would love it too :) I made some wonderful purchases and am happy to share if you would like any more pics!

  2. Yes please! Do share! And thank you again so much for telling me about this place. When we're in Georgia visiting Alicia, we might have to make a stop here just for this store!


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