Local Hunts Part IX: Pearl River

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One store I forgot to mention in yesterday's post is this great big store in Soho, Pearl River. It's a Chinese American Department store filled with everything you could possibly need/want for your home. Prices are extremely reasonable too which is why I like it so much.

Pearl River storefront

We must've stayed in the store for about an hour at least just perusing through the goods. I found a handful of items that I wanted to purchase but honestly there was no way my suitcase was going to fit everything, especially ceramic bowls. Thank goodness for the internet! Cause I found it all online and can get it shipped.

Sometsuke Bowl Set
Sometsuke Bowl Set for $25.50.

Gold Leaf Bowl
Gold Leaf Bowl for $9.50.

Copper Skimmer with Bamboo Handle
Copper Skimmer with Bamboo Handle
$1.95 - $10.50.

I see so many famous chefs on tv use this and have always wanted one myself. Who knew they were so affordable?

Scallop Edge Capiz Shell Coaster
Scallop Edge Capiz Shell Coaster for $2.50.

I especially like the Star Amber coaster. It's got the right amount of oomph for the holidays!

Kimono for $49.50.

Now, I've always wanted a Kimono and I don't really know how authentic this particular one is (probably not considering the low price) but it is still beautiful and again very affordable.

Floral Print Long Robe
Floral Print Long Robe / Kimono - Ankle Length for $35.50.

I don't think I could just slip on the Kimono when I'm relaxing at home. I'm thinking the robe is more suited for everyday wear. Don't you think?

Mango TeaGuang Sang Tea - Mango Tea for $2.25.

Tea drinking season has started! Enjoy yummy mango tea and display the pretty tin in your kitchen. It'll add that punch of color you've been needing!

Gummy Candies
Gummy Candies for $2.65.

I grew up eating these as a kid and they are really really yummy. They're individually wrapped and there's an assortment of flavors to choose from: Melon, Pineapple, Peach, Orange, Strawberry, Muscat, Apple,Kiwi, Mango, Grape, and Lychee.

I told you guys this place has everything. Even candy! Check out their site, you'll be sure to find something you want.


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