Christmas Swag

Monday, December 14, 2009

Send Christmas cards, check. Bake Christmas cookies, check. Find new ways to gift wrap? Judging from all of the images below, I'd say check!

There's nothing like seeing beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree or in stockings that makes you want to open them up ASAP. Or maybe if they're too beautifully wrapped you don't dare try to rip them open. Either way, you notice how much thought someone put into wrapping your gift let alone finding a gift they think you would like.

Gift MonogramGift Monogram
{Use old holiday cards to create monograms for your gifts. See, you don't need much to add a little special something to your gifts.}

Maybe it's because of my passion for design, but I always love it when people just add that extra touch to their gift wrapping. I mean, gift wrap alone is great but what about all of the other gazillion things you can do to embellish it?? Those items should not be forgotten! And don't think that you have to go crazy with adding a ton of things onto an already wrapped gift. Even adding one little thing such as a cool gift tag or using paper tape instead of ribbon will make that extra difference.

Lump of Coal Gift WrappingLump of Coal Gift Wrapping
{I LOVE this idea! So clever and funny!}

Gift Card HoldersGift Card Holders
Forget about putting your gift cards in a regular envelope, dress them up like this and hang them on the Christmas tree!

Cut Flowers BowCut Flowers Bow
{By far my favorite way of gift wrapping b/c they remind me of my favorite flowers, peonies!}

Embossed Gift TagsEmbossed Gift Tags
{I've got all of these embossing tools from my wedding, I should use them to create these cute gift tags.}

Woven Ribbon WrapWoven Ribbon Wrap
{Now, if you're feeling REALLY adventurous then this is for you.}

Don't have time to be creative? Take a look at the items below. They'll definitely be able to help you through your gift-wrapping dilemmas.

Letterpressed Nordic Ski SweaterLetterpressed Nordic Ski Sweater for $2.00

Gift tags are a really cute and inexpensive way to dress up gifts.

Redesigned TagsRedesigned Tags for $6.00

Mini Silhouette Gift TagsMini Silhouette Gift Tags
Set of eight mini gift tags. Each set contains one man, woman, boy, girl, bear, rabbit, dog and cat tag.

Green Zig Zag TagsGreen Zig Zag Tags
3 hang tags per pack

Holiday Stripe Decorative Packing TapeHoliday Stripe Decorative Packing Tape
2” x 27.5 yards

Can't forget about those gifts that need to be shipped!

Bird of Peace Decorative Packing TapeBird of Peace Decorative Packing Tape
2” x 27.5 yards

Black Lace Decorative Packing TapeBlack Lace Decorative Packing Tape
2” x 27.5 yards

Ooh la la~

Pink Twig and Purple Branch Combo Pack
Set of two 2” x 27.5 yard rolls

Lyra Kraft Envelope Wraparound Tape
15 yards, 50 continuous perforated labels per roll

Just cause a gift fits inside an envelope doesn't mean it shouldn't be decorated in some way.

four plaids paper tape set
lime sparkle 5pak paper tape

polka red paper tape
Japanese Masking Tape


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