Friday, July 31, 2009

Local Hunts Part I: Echoes and Accents

Sorry for the very late post today! I didn't forget, I just got tied up with non-fun things. One of those non-fun things being 5 vaccine shots that I need for my trip to Kenya. Yes, Kenya! Leaving in 2 weeks but anyways, getting back to today's post.

I like to think that one of the best things about living in Annapolis is that it is so close to Washington DC, Baltimore, and Virginia. I say that because Annapolis (1) is this great town that has so many outlets for fun activities, (2) is a historic city, and (3) is close to other larger metropolitan areas which gives way to other outlets for fun activities. And one of my FAVORITE fun activities is going shopping. Only those close to me would know that I have an obsession when it comes to shopping. You might even say that I have a serious problem. But you know what, I LIVE to shop and not just to shop but to find the best deals out there.

Now, I know we've all heard everyone talking about the economy and how we need to make our dollar stretch and I hate to hammer it in even more but you know what? I couldn't agree more. Why should I pay full price on an item when I could get it for 50% off if I do a little more digging? Plus, there's something about getting an item for much cheaper than its retail price. It's like you're beating the system which makes you smarter than the system, at least in my book. And anything that makes me feel smarter is a great addictive feeling.

Any who, getting to the good stuff, which is why you come and read this blog (hopefully!). I have found in my research several amazing resources for finding home furnishings at a great price. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I cannot list things from Craigslist* or Ebay*, which as many of you know are my best resources, but I can let you in on some great local places. You might have to travel a little bit, but it's worth it for these finds.

Let's start really locally, at least for me haha, in Annapolis. There is a great consignment shop called Echoes and Accents right off of Chinquapin Round Road that sells new and gently used furnishings. I recently got the most amazing coffee table in the shape that I was looking for and got it for only $110!! How impossible is that to believe? Granted, the color was not in the shade that I wanted but with a little 18Kt Gold spray paint, it sure as heck looks like it was made that way.

Here are a few shots of Echoes and Accents to get a little glimpse into their amazingly filled shop.

I'm telling you, go there and you will find something that you will want and you will inevitably buy it. You have too at the prices they mark their goods.

But if you find that you need a little more motivation to get there, don't you worry your pretty little heads because I will be posting individually photographed items with prices so that you can see what a great resource Echoes and Accents really is. I will definitely be doing this for other shops that I find are good hunts too.

I'm going to have to cut today's post a little short since I need to dash to a happy hour for a dear friend and her fiance (Congrats to Nancy and Brandon on their engagement!). But there will be more tomorrow on local hunts, I promise!

Photos from Echoes and Accents

Thursday, July 30, 2009

On a Magic Carpet Ride

I don't know about real magic carpets, but I do know that the following rugs will definitely lift the energy in any room you place these in. They are graphic, bold, colorful and just really fun; the kind of rugs that I have been searching for. Granted, I've been trying to find them at a cheaper price, but I've learned that a rug can really make a room. So if it means droppin' some Benjamins on it then so be it.

Coral Rug from Green Culture Rugs.
$299.25 (4'X6')
$565.25 (6'X9')

Now, I don't know why but lately I have been gravitating towards the color combo red & white (hence the red & white garden stool from my previous post). I just think it's so crisp and bold and really eye catching. I find that you see a lot of blue & white items out there and while there is nothing wrong with that combo (I LOVE blue & white together) I just like to be different. I think that red is just that pop of color that really spices up a room and really you don't need much, maybe just a few touches here and there.

60" Medallion Rug from Urban Outfitters at $29.99.

I normally don't think of round rugs, but this one has a great palette of cool grey, black and white. The grey almost appears like a light blue with hints of green in it, no? That's why I love the contrast of the black right next to the grey.

Vivienne Scatter Rug at Ballard Designs from $69.00 - $159.00.

Eva Rug at Ballard Designs from $49.00 - $549.00.

With names like Vivienne and Eva, that's enough reason to buy these rugs, but as you can see they don't even need the help of their names to sell me on them. The designs in both rugs evoke an old-world sensibility, but because of the colors chosen it becomes modern and fresh. Orange is quickly becoming a go-to color for me. It's a color that's just as cheerful as yellow, but is a great alternative so that you're not using yellow all the time.

Zebra Rug at West Elm from $109.00-$749.00.

If you're feeling really adventurous then this rug is for you. Place a modern rug like this in your house and I guarantee it will automatically make you look like a stylish decorator, promise! Plus the espresso & white compliment an array of colors, so you shouldn't have any issues trying to match furniture or accessories with it. So maybe it isn't as adventurous as one thinks?

Margent Area Rug at Home Decorators Collection from $69 to $1499.

If zebra stripes aren't really your thing then maybe a floral, black & white printed rug is more up your alley. This is one of my favorites that I am loving. The ivory keeps it on the subtle side while the black floral design gives it that modern punch.

"Vine Scrolls" Rug at Horchow
5' x 8' $559.00

Another great example of a graphic rug that comes in 5 different colors.

For those of you who are drawn to more traditional types of rugs, don't fret! I will be covering that at some point as well. But I am dying to get my hands on a modern, graphic rug so I had to share these ones with you.

And don't forget, rugs are an investment piece, so spending a little extra $$ will be worth it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On the Hunt for Side Tables

So, in the midst of moving into our house back in October, I attempted to spruce up our family room by purchasing side tables that were not only the wrong height, but also the wrong color as I later discovered.

You know how it is, you just get this feeling like you need to buy something right away in order to fill in the gaps and you don't care if it's slightly off in some ways, you just want something right now. Well, yea that's how I felt when we moved in and I still sort of feel that way at times. But trust me, I've learned the hard way on this. Always think it through when making purchases (no matter how little or small, you can't be too careful in this economy) towards your house. It's not worth getting it wrong and wasting money when you could've gotten it down pat the first time with a little extra research.

With that said, I have been researching my little tookus off on some new side tables to replace the current ones in the family room and I have to say, I've created quite a little dilemma for myself since now I can't decide which ones to get!

Here are a few that I have my eyes on:

This Through-the-Looking-Glass Table is a great French-inspired mirrored-top table for $79 from Wisteria. It could be a great bedside table in a Hollywood-esque bedroom or a side table in your grown-up living room. For whatever your needs, I don't see why you couldn't use this. And the price is right considering how glamorous and classy it looks. Heck, I might just go ahead and purchase this right now...

Another great find I came across were these Nesting Hexagon side tables from West Elm for $199.00 for a set of two. Nesting tables are another obsession of mine since they are stylish and functional all at once.

Just a few more tables that I can't seem to decide on!

Jules Accent Table Set from Crate and Barrel for $449.00.

Sleek, clean lines on the Silhouette Nesting Accent Tables, won't cause any clutter since the tables are virtually see-through and are a steal at $199.91 for all three at

There's something about the Tatiana Side Table at Ballard Designs that makes me want to have a modern living room with graphic printed pillows and rugs. But for $99.99 I think I can make it work in my very traditional living room.

For those of you who live around the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, you're in luck because there are plenty of shops to find unique items at a great price. One of my favorite hunting grounds is Not Too Shabby Consignments in Alexandria, Virginia. This Burled-wood top occasional table is a great find at $125. And with a little sanding of the table-top, you could paint it black to match the legs giving it a cohesive look. Or you could paint it gold to match the gold accents. Either way, its a great accent table to have and you know that you'll be the owner of a unique piece.

I recently discovered garden stools as a great alternative to a traditional side table and now I cannot stop looking for them everywhere I go! I had first seen them in a recent issue of House Beautiful and fell in love with the idea of something that has such delicate and fanciful designs on it be used for something so hardy.

I have to get one in red and white, so I am just over-the-moon to find this Red and White Garden Stool from Gump's San Francisco and at $249.00 it's a bit pricier than what I would like to pay for, but if the search for a red and white garden stool is just as hard as finding a rainbow colored unicorn then well I'm just going to have to cough up the $249 for it, right?

I really could do a whole posting on garden stools...hmm there's a thought. There's such variety on the different designs you find on them that I feel compelled to cover that in another post. Okay so maybe the next post will be on garden stools or maybe not. Wait and see!

The First Post of Hopefully Many More!

Hello! and Welcome to Proper Hunt!

I am a young woman living in Annapolis, MD and like most of you out there, I am just trying to decorate my house. My husband and I moved into our new house half a year ago and are slowly trying to fill it with stylish findings. It's a slow going process and as much as I hate not having the house fully decorated and designed to perfection, I love the hunt for the perfect object.

That being said, I decided that since I am always on the look-out for great pieces, I figure why not share with you my findings? I will feature items that I am hunting for in my own house and (this is the big and that concerns you all) things that I come across that I fancy but know I don't need at the moment.

Some of the items that I post may be time sensitive (i.e. Craigslist & Ebay findings) so you will need to get your butt moving in order to get your hands on them!

I hope that this blog will be the proper hunting grounds for you to find your great pieces to have in your home.


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