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Saturday, January 30, 2010

All Out of Notepad with MagnetAll Out of Notepad with Magnet for $6.95

And when I say random, I really do mean random! A lot of the items come from a petite Parisian department store, McMaster & Storm that I just discovered yesterday so I had to share with you all what I am fancying now (as if the list ever stops growing!).

Plus, I haven't done a post like this in awhile where I dish out any new finds to you all. And another reason for doing a post like this is that I actually got a request from someone, so hopefully these kinds of post won't be far and few between like that have been.

And for all of you folks on the east coast, stay warm and safe!

Porcelain garden stakesPorcelain garden stakes - $6.00 — $7.00

Kerr Votive LanternKerr Votive Lantern - $30.00 — $54.00

After seeing these lanterns, I am literally counting down the days for summer.

Petite French PlatesPetite French Plates for $9.95

This looks like something you'd find in a cafe in Paris, no?

Fleur de Lis Centerpiece BowlFleur de Lis Centerpiece Bowl for $65.00

How gorgeous would paperwhites look in this bowl?

Air Mail EnvelopeAir Mail Envelope
Package of 25 for $4.00

These remind me of one of my favorite movies of all times, Amelie!

Round Scalloped Treat TraysRound Scalloped Treat Trays
30 trays in 3 assorted colors of 10 each for $5.50

Serve cupcakes or bon bons on these bohemian-like treat trays.

Fleur de Sel PorcelainFleur de Sel Porcelain for $9.00 {spoon not included}

Golden Rimmed TagsGolden Rimmed Tags
Set of 12 petite to grande tags for $3.50

Colored Merchandise TagsColored Merchandise Tags
Package of 5 for $1.95

Somehow I think having these kinds of tags around the house is a good idea, esp around birthdays and Christmas.

Peony Floral coastersPeony Floral coasters
Set of 12 for $8.25

Protect your furniture with these colorful coasters. FYI, Peonies are my FAVORITE flowers in the entire world.


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