The Look of Spring

Monday, February 15, 2010

I was at my parents' house this weekend to celebrate my brother's birthday and while I was there I had noticed that they had gotten a lot more snow than we did in Annapolis. Not surprising since they are north of us, but what surprised me was that the tree in their front yard was starting to bud. I actually had to look twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I mean, geez we just had several blizzards and this poor tree is already budding. But I got really excited cause this just means one thing... Spring is coming!

We've already gotten the itch for Spring (we've bought multiple Hyacinth plants) and are dying for warmer weather, so of course I'm already wanting to get the house ready for Spring. I had to tell myself this morning that it's too soon to bust out the canvas slipcovers for the dining chairs*. But it is most definitely not too soon to bring some spring plants into the house. I've already got two Hyacinths (they're actually not looking too good at the moment) that need to be placed in a proper planter of some sort.

These are a few that I had in mind to put on my dining table for the Hyacinths and hopefully tulips that I can find.
Red In Bloom Tulip Planter for $25.99

Ceramics Chinoiserie 12" Oval Planter for $39.99

Vera Bradley Yellow Bird Cachepot for $38.00

Galvanized Oval Planter for $34.00

10.5" L Gingko & Butterfly Footbath for $59.99

White Indoor Planter for $9.99

Wallpaper Porcelain Cachepot for $28.00

Chelsea House Swinton Cachepot for $137.50

Dessau Tole Cachepot for $145.00

*I slipcover our dark leather dining chairs to lighten the mood of the dining room for Spring and Summer and remove them for the Fall and Winter months.


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