Shhh, I've got a little surprise in the works

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Proper Hunter teaser photo

But I can only tell you a little bit about it until I get the ball fully rolling. Okay you guys ready for it? Okay, okay here goes. I've decided to set up shop, so to speak, and offer items that I come across that I think you all would like.

Below are a few of the smaller pieces that I've come across. There are a few more things that I haven't gotten a chance to photograph but don't worry, I'll be posting more information soon. And yes, there will definitely be furniture too, not just little things. Exciting, right?

What with this blizzard that we got hit with I haven't really been able to fully focus on this endeavor of mine. But keep coming back to check to see if you can start purchasing anything that you see that you would like.

Proper Hunter vintage shaker

Proper Hunter blue and white pitcher

Proper Hunter mixed vintage flatware knives

Proper Hunter bronze wall sconces

Proper Hunter Vintage long spoons

Proper Hunter Gold Wire Basket

Proper Hunter Vintage Glasses


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