Wanted: A Mudroom

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have to admit that with all of the blizzards we've been getting I haven't really done my part in the shoveling-snow department. My husband has been such a good sport about taking care of it all that I really haven't had a chance to help out. I kid, I kid. I have gone out a few times and I just have to tell ya, the whole thing sucks. From bundling up, to going out in the frigid cold, to coming back in and making a mess with the removal of the bundling. A girl can only take so much! But what really gets me is the mess that you bring in from the outside. All that snow that you bring in, just melting onto the floors really is a pet peeve of mine. (I have this weird thing with my feet being wet if they're not supposed too.)

But like I said, the mess that you create once you get back in is never ending. I wouldn't be so annoyed or frustrated with it all if I had a proper mudroom to control the snowy mess but I don't so I can't. What I can do is dream of the day that I do get a mudroom and start thinking of how I would want it to look like and function.

The ones below are just a few that I could find that I think are perfect.

{Better Homes and Gardens}

{House Beautiful}

I prefer mudrooms that are a completely separate room from the rest of the house. Containment is key.

Built-ins are such a great idea for mudrooms. All that extra space you create for cubby-holes.

{Pottery Barn}

Side entranced mudrooms are the best, I think.


  1. oh i'd love a mudroom. one as pretty as this would be a plus.

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