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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{Photo Credit: Rina JeriLee Outzen}

I'm sorry! I have been so MIA these past few weeks and I only have myself to blame. Well, and work too. My 9-to-5 job has been sucking every ounce of energy out of me these past few weeks which is why you haven't heard as much as a peep from me. And I'm afraid work will continue to spit me up and chew me out for at least a few more weeks. Sad, I know but I promise you will hear from me at least once a week if not twice a week from now on. For today though, I'm going to have to keep it short and sweet.

Have you fellow East Coasters been enjoying this beautiful weather? I sure hope so! Spring weather makes me so happy and especially this Spring because of all the blizzards we've survived. You know what else makes me happy? A beautiful white kitchen like the one below. I'm completely ga-ga for it. And those bar stools! They're exactly what I've been looking to replace ours with.

{HGTV: Kitchen Remodel}


  1. Welcome back! I think this is just a busy time for everyone.

    I found this online and thought you'd find it cool (if you haven't already seen it)


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