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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hmm, yea it's been awhile and although I want to apologize for my long absence (yet again) I don't want to sound like a broken record with my apologies, but I am going to apologize anyways. You guys are such loyal readers and I am sorry! I can't help it, life's been busy and tiring and I haven't had time for much else. But I do have something or rather someone that I would like to share with you all.

I, like most of you, watch the HGTV channel a lot. Actually, a lot probably doesn't even begin to describe how much I am programmed to watch that channel. It's like my fingers automatically go to the numbers 6-6-5 on my remote. Anyways, I noticed awhile back a commercial for a new show with this really stylish woman as the host/designer. It wasn't until recently that I started watching this new show, and I can now say that I am hooked. I honestly don't know why it took me so long to start watching it religiously. Well, maybe its because I initially thought that the woman hosting and designing seemed a bit pretentious in some ways. But now I know that I made incorrect assumptions based on snippets of the episode - snippets that were taken out of context.

Well, this woman, Sarah Richardson, is AMAZING. Her show, Sarah's House, is really fun to watch and her designs are incredible. She thinks of every little detail, her choices are spot-on, and she explains why she chooses everything. I like it when designers explain themselves because it gives me a better understanding of how I should be choosing things for my own house.

Okay, enough of me yapping away about HGTV and Sarah Richardson, let me just show you images of her designs instead. I'm pretty sure you'd rather see that then read about my feelings towards her.

Sarah-Richardson-Oceanview-Estate-Living-RoomGrand, but still approachable since the seating looks so cush and comfy.

Sarah-Richardson-Sarahs-House-HallwayCan I just tell you how much I adore the railings?

Sarah-Richardson-Hilltop-Contemporary-BedroomThe light fixture and lamps have me loving this room.



Sarah-Richardson-Oceanview-Estate-Dining-RoomThe color combo of green and brown with that really modern chandelier is so fresh.

Sarah-Richardson-Oceanview-Estate-KitchenUmm, hmm how do I say this without annoying you all? I believe this is another dream kitchen of mine.




Sarah-Richardson-Sarahs-Cottage-KitchenThe kind of cottage kitchen I want to cook in.

Sarah-Richardson-Sarahs-House-BathroomThe pop of color that the shower curtain provides is all that this bathroom needs. Nothing else.

Sarah-Richardson-Sarahs-House-Dining-RoomGlam wallpaper with anything tufted and upholstered (and in velvet no less) is a dream in my book.

Sarah-Richardson-Sarahs-House2-Living-RoomElegantly casual and chic, and with plenty of seating!

Sarah-Richardson-Sarahs-House2-NurseryChic digs for a tiny tot.


Sarah-Richardson-Sarahs-House-Kids-DenA great little nook to read your favorite novels in.

Sarah-Richardson-Sarahs-House-Living-RoomI'm starting to think that our living room needs a daybed just like the one above.

{Photo Credit: Sarah Richardson}


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