HGTV Design Star Finale Tonight!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Emily Henderson Glass Room Challenge
Emily Henderson's Glass House

Tonight at 10pm, is the finale episode of HGTV's Design Star and I am really wondering who will be taking the title. To me, the final two contestants have such different styles (both have great style) that it would be impossible to have to pick just one. Emily Henderson's show concept is to take a client's personal fashion style and translate it into his or her home environment. Michael Moeller's show concept is to help recent college graduates with creating their own living space. But obviously, this is a competition and someone has to win. They're not only judged on their design skills, but also their camera hosting skills as well. Adding that into the mix just makes it even harder to pick who you think will win.

It's really funny because when this season first started, I had pegged these two to go far in the competition, and watching the entire season I am so happy that they've made it to the finale. I've really enjoyed watching Emily because her eclectic and whimsical style is something that I admire and strive for in my own home decorating. And Michael's thought process on how to make things functional and stylish has really caught my eye. He too, can be whimsical but in a more masculine way, which I try to keep in mind since my husband doesn't want everything to be too frou frou in the house.

If you haven't seen the show, here are some photos from their design challenges throughout the entire season. Who do you think will take home the title of HGTV's Next Design Star?

Emily Henderson Flower Power Challenge
Emily Henderson's Flower Power Challenge

Emily Henderson Kitchen Challenge
Emily Henderson's Kitchen Challenge

Emily Henderson Outdoor NYC Space Challenge
Emily Henderson's NYC Patio Space Challenge

Michael Moeller Glass Room Challenge
Michael Moeller's Glass House Challenge

Michael Moeller Kitchen Challenge
Michael Moeller's Kitchen Challenge

Michael Moeller Flower Power Challenge
Michael Moeller's Flower Power Challenge

Michael Moeller Outdoor NYC Space Challenge
Michael Moeller's NYC Patio Space Challenge

{Photos from HGTV}


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