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Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, pretty new considering I've never given them a full blown post all to themselves. But they deserve it because I have been in love with them ever since I went to their outlet store, Ballard's Backroom, in Atlanta, Georgia back in May. I could only be talking about Ballard Designs, of course! And now with Suzanne Kasler's collection (she hails from Atlanta and is an extremely talented interior designer) there is more to love at Ballard Designs. I sense a Bulletin Board post on her very soon...

Gosh, I can't believe I didn't tell y'all about my shopping experience there sooner. Tsk tsk to me. In a nutshell, I wanted to buy everything when I was there, but alas only made it out with a small rug (for our master bathroom). They don't ship their merchandise from their stores (only 5 locations, total bummer), so I had to keep my purchases to a minimum and the rug was going to be my one piece of luggage to get checked-in.

Enough of what I got and on to what you can get! I've collected just a small sample of the items that I am completely and utterly enamored with at the moment from Ballard Designs and I'm pretty sure you just might fall in love with them too.

Suzanne Kasler Atelier 7 Arm Candelabra for $199.00

Suzanne Kasler Set of 3 Vintage Inspired Mirrors for $139.00

Crown Hooked Pillow
Crown Hooked Pillow for $49.00

Nottinghill Chaise
Nottinghill Chaise for $689.00

Parke Black Crystal Accent Lamp
Parke Black Crystal Accent Lamp for $399.00

Le Poeme Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Le Poeme Indoor/Outdoor Rug for $59.00 - $579.00

Mariestad 6 Lt Chandelier
Mariestad 6 Lt Chandelier for $199.00 - $299.00

Quatrefoil Tole Umbrella Stand
Quatrefoil Tole Umbrella Stand for $89.00

Jolie Bath Rug
Jolie Bath Rug for $69.00

Courbe Ottoman
Courbe Ottoman for $149.00 - $277.00

Eva Rug
Eva Rug for $149.00 - $277.00


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