The Paris of North America

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac - this is where we're staying!

Is it just me or did summer fly by? Everyday was like the same day to me, well except for the weekends. But seriously, I had a hard time keeping track of the days since they were going by so fast. And I imagine that for some people that's a good thing (e.g., parents wanting their kids to go back to school). And for others, not so much (e.g., the teachers and professors who also have to go back to school).

With the days flying by, I didn't realize how fast our trip to Quebec City would get here. Yes! We are going to Quebec City and if I failed to mention that to you all earlier, it must've been because I just put it aside thinking it was too far away to mention. But the time is here and I am uber excited! We leave Thursday night and it cannot get here sooner. Stephen and I have always wanted to go ever since we heard that it is the Paris of North America, and since we have yet to go on our honeymoon to Paris, this will do us just fine until next year when we really do go to Paris.

Just to whet my appetite for what I'll see there (I've never been), I've just gathered a few images of Quebec City that I thought were stunning.








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