Just A Lazy Monday

Monday, September 27, 2010

domino love

All I want to do today is curl up on the couch and watch girlie movies all day long with my girls. And the room above is exactly the kind of place I want to do that in. I could totally sink into that couch and snuggle under that comfy-looking throw, eating ginger scones (good call A!) with some chai tea. Sounds good, no?

It's a totally lazy Monday for me, reason being I had a wonderfully, fun-filled weekend with my girls. There are four of us in this group, 2 living in DC, 1 in Atlanta, and me in Annapolis. We met when we were all living in DC and have been inseparable ever since we had our first girl's night 4 years ago. I should mention that one of the girls (LWs) and I have known each other since we were 5yrs. old! Pretty amazing, right? Well, Alicia who lives in Atlanta now, came to visit so we could celebrate her birthday together and we just had a fabulous time. I'm hoping that we convinced her to move back to DC. Did we A? Happy Birthday darling!!! Miss you already~

{Photo Credit: cocokelley}


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