Lose the Tupperware, Get Doggie Bags Instead

Friday, November 12, 2010

Take Out Containers
Bordered Labels
Take Out Boxes

Ya know when you have guests over and you send them home with leftovers in your tupperware knowing you'll never see it again? Don't you just hate that? Well, here's a great solution to that problem. I came across this yesterday on Country Living and knew you guys would all want to see this especially with Thanksgiving coming up.

With the ribbon and pretty label, it's more than just a doggie bag, it's almost like a little present you're giving away. And besides using them for leftovers, you could use these doggie bags as containers for Holiday cookies to give as gifts or you could actually use them to take your leftovers to the office for lunch.


  1. Love this idea!! Perfect, I need some,Kathysue


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