Holiday Wish List 2010 Part II

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Suzanne Kasler Starburst Mirror #3 for $149.00

Sorry for such a late post in the week, especially since there's so much to cover and so little time before the holiday! But in a nutshell, NYC was fabulous! We had a great time with our friends and enjoyed spending time in a new part of the city that we hadn't really explored much. Before I get into what we did, I just want to say much thanks to Becky & Nick AND David & Ryan for providing us boarders with lodging. Without you all, this trip never would've happened.

The West Village is the neighborhood that we stayed in, explored, and instantly fell in love with. I tell ya people, that is the neighborhood to be at! It has shops, restaurants, bars on every street and they're all adorable. In other words, I want to move there.

Besides exploring the West Village, we were able to catch the new Broadway show, "Promises, Promises" starring Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth. It was absolutely amazing! Kristin Chenoweth's voice is perfection, absolutely unreal. If you can, try to catch it before it stops playing (Jan. 2nd).

I didn't get much Christmas shopping done since the lines were insane, but I did see a few things that I wanted to add to my Holiday Wish List...

Marabou Boa Pillow for $88.00

This pillow is absolutely darling in person! I'm going to wait it out and see if it goes on sale...

Diner White Egg Holder Tray 13" L for $13.95

With all this holiday baking going on, this is perfect for getting eggs to reach room temperature.

Soggy Paws™ Towel for $15.99

Not exactly the most glamorous of gifts, but I think Emma would really appreciate it.

Perpetual Blooms Towels
From $3.95 - $19.95

Thanks Linds, for bringing my attention to these towels! Got them in yellow!

Ikat Mini Bowl for $8.00

Too cute! I actually gifted this to myself and placed it on the blue secretary.

Numbered Cocktail Napkins for $12.00 (set of 8)

No frills cocktail napkins, at your service!


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