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Orange, Coral, and Everything In Between

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Meredith Heron
I am in LOVE with this room.

To say that I've been a busy little bee would be an understatement. Right before we left for Nice, I had mentioned that I was going to be working on redecorating my parents' guest room. Now that I've been back, I have finally been able to work on it, and can I just say I am having a ball!

Last weekend, my brothers and I cleaned out the room of all unwanted furniture (there was a lot!) and painted the room in less than 2 hours! I knew that I wanted to paint it a type of gray, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with a cool gray or a warm gray. To make sure I got the right color, I tested out 4 different grays (always test, you never know how it'll come out in the room, especially with the lighting) and ended up with Nimbus Cloud by Martha Stewart. BTW, Martha's paint line is a great bargain. I thought it did a great job at $25/gallon.

I knew what I wanted the color scheme to be for the room - gray, black, yellow, and white. The goal would be to create a modern & comfortable space with hints of Hollywood glam added to the mix. While searching for the last furnishings for the guest room, I noticed that I kept finding myself being attracted to items that were either orange/burnt orange, coral, or persimmon (a red/orange, but with more red). I wasn't about to budge on my original color scheme, so I resisted all attempts to purchase said items. BUT, I am completely head-over-heels in love with any color in the orange/coral family. Which brings me to sharing these images. I love how the color orange adds a whole lot of freshness to a space. It's fun, modern, and chic all at the same time. Who wouldn't want a room that embodies all of those characteristics?

Courtney Giles

Sally Steponkus Design

I wonder if anyone makes inexpensive versions of those nightstands.

Tracery Interiors

Phoebe Howard

David Jimenez

David Jimenez can do no wrong in my book.

Diane Bergeron

If I ever have a little boy, this is what his room is going to look like.

Alice Lane Home via Decor Pad

That side table really adds to the playfulness of this room.

Diane Bergeron

Jennifer Flanders


  1. I love the pictures of these bedrooms. I can't wait to see your parents guest room when you are done.


  2. I seriously want that headboard in first pic.

  3. @Tote - Thank you! Yes, stay tuned for the Before & After post I'll be writing for it. I am seriously SO excited to be working on it tomorrow! It's all I've been thinking about :)

    @Simplycyn - Tell me about it! As Rachel Zoe says, "I die." Sums it up for me with that first photo.


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