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More DIY Projects: Wall Stencils

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Isabella & Max Rooms via HGTV

I honestly don't know how I came across this image yesterday, but I am really glad I did. We have a similar wall in our house, but haven't yet done anything to it. We've left it alone because the only idea we've had for it is to get a custom built-in bookcase made and that clearly isn't at the top of our priority list. Side note: there are other things in the queue that take precedence over that idea. You can imagine how giddy I got when I saw this image because it's something that doesn't take up too much time (I don't have to coordinate with a contractor or anyone else for that matter) and doesn't burn a hole in my wallet.

So, I immediately started looking for wall stencils that I liked and came across a TON of them. Now I'm thinking I want to stencil EVERYTHING in my house. But I know I obviously can't do that because then it will probably get overwhelming. So I've picked 2 potential locations to use wall stencils. The first is the wall of the staircase on our second floor. The second is the powder room, which I had intended to get wallpapered but now I'm thinking wall stenciling might be the way to go.

I still need to discuss this further with Steve since I know he's going to have an opinion on this. So, why don't I share with you the stencils that I came across and loved, and you all can let me know whether you like them too. That way I can prove to Steve what a great idea it is to use them!

Grand Damask

Woven Pattern

Nautical Chain


Iron Gate

Small Moorish Trellis

Art Deco Flower Pattern

Silk Road Suzani

Missing Link


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