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Sneak Peak: Our Living Room

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

French Lilac by Behr

Can you believe that the long holiday weekend is over? I'm completely in denial even though I'm at the office today. Despite being sad that the weekend is over, I'm really proud of how productive I was this weekend. Normally, I would've just relaxed and done nothing, but I told myself that I had to do something each day in order to check things off my list. Even with 4 days off, I only got through two thirds of the list, but I got some major things checked off.

The first thing I checked off was to repaint our living room. Steve and I were both getting antsy for change in that room and as much as we loved the light blue/green color that was up on the walls, we knew we wanted something a bit more dramatic and different. We had a two constraints in our color picking process: we wanted to make sure that whatever color we chose, it would complement the persimmon velvet drapes (those were expensive so they had to stay!) and the midnight blue secretary. Those were a must in our decision and I'd have to say that we did a great job picking the perfect color.

I chose 5 different colors to sample on the walls, all ranging from light lilac, to a forest/kelly green, and it was an obvious choice once all the colors were up. French Lilac by Behr beat out the other 4 and we are so happy with it. Sorry for the bad photo below, but you can see the new wall color with the new placement of our bar.

new living room color

With repainting the living room, we also got the urge to rearrange our furniture. The new setup, I think, really opens up the space and feels much more welcoming than before. And, I finally took the vintage settee that I found over a year ago to get reupholstered! It won't be ready for a few more weeks, but once we get it, I'll take some good photos of our living room and share with you what we've done.


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