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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Paris & Vintage Ribbon

I feel like people only give thought to personalized stationery when they receive someone else's and think, "oh gosh I wish I had my own personalized stationery." I know I am that way because I don't have my own set...yet.

The other day, my girlfriend Erica reached out to me asking if I knew where she could get some good personalized stationery. I immediately thought of Etsy (I love that site), so I recommended that she check it out until I gather some specific examples for her. Erica is a very creative person who also appreciates the classics, so I knew I would have to find some examples that had the right balance between the two characteristics. I think I found some that fit the bill. What do you think?

Letterpress Calligraphy


Twine Personalized Stationery

Custom Silhouette Stationery

Women's Personalized Stationery
Love the stilettos!


Vintage Globe

Top Hat Personalized Stationery

Initial Monogram Stationery

Letterpress for a Couple

Paris + From Stripes to Chevrons

Letterpress postage stamp cards
This was too clever to leave out.

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  1. Great choices, C! I especially love the first one with the bow :)

  2. Thanks LW!! I know, isn't it absolutely darling?? It's between that and the stripes & chevrons one - I love them both!

  3. I usually send little cards but definitely wish I had personalized stationary also. maybe in the near future. I love the letterpress calligraphy and the coral on with the ribbon. so sweet!

  4. @Kae - Me too! I just never thought to get them personalized. I know! The calligraphy one is really sweet - I love that it's a modern take on the classic.

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